Taking the next week off from #writing.

While sitting at my laptop during dinner, I threw on some funny videos on YouTube. “Well,” I thought, “I suppose I could watch just one more before I get to work on this new screenplay.” Then four hours passed.


Yes, that’s how it went tonight. I lost track of time being lazy. I get the feeling that’s how the next few nights are going to go, as well. Then on Friday the family is getting together for the whole day. This weekend is pretty much a no-go when it comes to productivity as well. I’m seeing Start Making Sense both nights. I might be able to get some work done on Saturday morning but I somehow doubt it. As a result of being out late on Sunday night I’m going to try going into work on Monday late as well. I’m taking Tuesday off so I might be able to stay up late on Monday night getting some work done. Somehow I think I’ll be too fried at that point.

Then on Tuesday I celebrate my birthday. I’m not doing anything that isn’t fun or enjoyable with the possible exception of driving up to Kennebunk to get my driver’s license renewed. I can do that online, but I’m not too happy with my current picture. On top of that I’m pretty sure I lost ten to twenty pounds since. Isn’t that significant enough to change it? I did lose that weight while having the current license. Either way, I won’t be getting any writing done that day.

So why agonize over it? Why not just officially take the next week off from writing? Sure, I might jot some notes down and write a blog post here and there. For the most part, however, why punish myself with guilt for not getting anything done when I know ahead of time that I probably won’t get anything done in that period? Let’s let things settle down first.

At the same time, I don’t want to enjoy myself too much before Tuesday. I want there to be something of a stark contrast. I won’t necessarily tire myself out but I want it to be somewhat special. But I’m not going to worry too much about that aspect of my life right now. That would really would be worrying about nothing, and a sign that everything is alright for me right now.

So, with that in mind, I think I will take the next seven days off, guilt-free. Like I said, if something comes to me I’ll jot it down. I’ll probably still be able to write a quick blog post tomorrow and Thursday, and probably one on the weekend. Otherwise, I’m just going to relax.

The day after my birthday, however, I’m starting up my discipline again. I’m still unsure about jogging if I don’t have the right gear, but everything else will start up again. I’ve been lax for too much of this past year. This is especially a concern for my music, as the next RPM Challenge is happening soon. I still have a big decision to make about my music generally, but I’m definitely doing something for RPM. I haven’t decided the exact nature of that something, although I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a new Shadows of Immurement album. I might just do something else as well.


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