After cleaning my apartment, I can get back to work. #cleaning #writng #screenwriting

I’m writing this post while I’m waiting for the first wave of mopping in my apartment to dry. I did the office/library, bedroom, living room and hallway first. Once the office is dry then I can move all of stuff back into it from the kitchen, so I can mop that floor. I always finish with the bathroom as I’m too much of a worry-wort to clean anything else with the mop head once I’ve done that bit. I might clean that floor but I don’t want to spread anything else onto the rest of the apartment.

I went to the grocery store tonight instead of Friday as usual. That way I can swing by the dump before they close tomorrow. I couldn’t do it earlier in the week because I didn’t have enough whites and towels to make a load, and I didn’t want to clean the shower unless I could clean the shower curtain at the same time. I don’t clean enough around here, but when I do I get really anal about when and how.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the dump right after work, then head to Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery. It’s been years since I’ve been there but I remember that they do have pretty good veggie burgers. I primarily want to go there so I could get a gift certificate for my father for Christmas. In other words, I’m a vegetarian atheist going to a seafood restaurant to buy a Christmas gift. No, I don’t get it, either. Social pressure from family is hard to get over (especially when one of the people present on the holiday is your landlord).

I’m all set to chill at home for most of the weekend. I do have possible plans on Saturday night. But for the most part I’m going to hang out. I can do so now without the guilt of seeing a filthy rug between me and my television.

I even made some headway with the screenplay last night, so I don’t have to feel so bad about not working on that. I’m still in the outline stage which is usually the hardest part. It might be difficult still when it comes to the drafting stage. Most of the film won’t have much dialogue. I’ll be stuck on thinking of the “one page equals one minute” rule. However, that only applies when the page is full of dialogue. What if the page is full of action? I can imagine that varies even more so. Perhaps this is a good thing; this screenplay acts as a transition between my more narrative-driven writing to screenplays. That’s not to say that I’m moving away from novels and short stories completely (I still have much work to finish already) but I’m shifting my focus for a while.

First, I have to have a clean apartment out of the way. Then, I’ll probably not be able to write much over next week as I still have quite a bit of shopping to do. The weekend after Christmas is the weekend that I’m going to both Boston and Portland to see one of my favorite bands play. It apparently takes a lot of time, enjoying myself….


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