I need more art around here. #art #cigar #wine

I have expressed before that among my efforts to become more cultured I want to become more of a cigar aficionado and a wine connoisseur. That’s still true. But I recently realized that I want to start collecting art as well. A large collection is beyond my means, but I think I could swing one or two paintings by local artists now and then. I don’t mean anything with deep, intense meaning or intellectual prowess. Just something that has some level of thought and skill involved. I want something that I can simply sit in my apartment and look at.

I would love to go to more exhibits as well. I know there’s a few small galleries near here, although I wonder if they’re more art or craft. I don’t mean that to demean anybody (which is why I’m not naming them). I just won’t know if I go there. One of these days I want to head up to the Portland Museum of Art again. Boston is about the same distance in the other direction. If only I didn’t hate driving there, I might learn about what galleries exist there as well.

I could always try to find art online. I really don’t know what to look for, however. I don’t want to go to a shopping site to buy prints. I want to simply enjoy a slideshow of some great works.

So now I have a list of wine, fine cigars and visual art to add to my list. I’m already an avid reader and something of a movie buff, although I’m only scratching the surface. I don’t feel like I have all of the time to do the things I want to do. Okay, I can read, drink a glass of wine and smoke a cigar at the same time. I could also take a book to a cigar bar, although something tells me that I would get funny looks getting a glass of wine. I may succumb to my perception of social pressure and get some hard liquor instead. Then there’s another thing that I should know more about.

I’m not going to spell out a routine to do these things. The routine I’m already trying to keep allows time around it for other pursuits. I just need to have the ambition to keep reading every night before I go to bed throughout the week, with a book or two on the weekend. I need to know about more movies to watch (especially if I need to order them ahead of time through the library). I can’t smoke inside my apartment, which is fine as I generally don’t. But if I do have the odd fine cigar now and then, it would have to be during the summer. Otherwise, I would have to go to said cigar bar, and drinks that way can get expensive.

Like everything else, I’m probably putting too much thought into this. After all, I haven’t have good luck with wine so far. I probably have to shell out a lot for a good red, which I’m not so sure that I’m willing to do now. I don’t need to keep drinking wine or smoking cigars. I just want to know what kinds are the best. I want a conversation piece in addition to something that I enjoy.

All of this would make me a cool intellectual… right?


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