Errands and cleaning the apartment. #mundane

I’m not very proud that after I got home and had dinner I drove all the way back to the strip-mall area where I work to run an errand, nor am I proud that I forgot to take my reusable shopping bag, resulting in me taking my goods home in plastic. But I did these things, so I have to put any small amount of guilt I felt (it wasn’t like it was that far) behind me.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t have held off for most of the things that I got, either. I could have waited until tomorrow. In fact, if I had remembered to pick up the one essential thing that I needed on my way home I wouldn’t have had to worry about it. But damn it, I ran out of toilet paper this morning and then forgot to pick any up at work.

Once I remembered I needed to pick up some toilet paper I remembered that I also needed to get a nine-volt battery for my smoke detector. Remembering that decent batteries can be expensive I made the decision to run over to Portsmouth. Then I remembered that I ran out of salad dressing at dinner. That made me think to go to a grocery store. Finally, I decided that if I go to this one grocery store in particular, which is just down the street from where I work, I can pick up the apparatus that I usually use to clean my toilet for cheap. Knowing that I wanted to clean the apartment either before or during the weekend, that made my decision as to where to go final.

Now, wasn’t that exciting? Hey, I’m detail oriented sometimes, and I know that some of my readers out there like detailed descriptions of daily life. As that gives me plenty of chances to practice my writing I’m happy to oblige sometimes.

Speaking of which, I have another mundane decision to make. It’s one of those decisions that everybody else (or at least it feels like everybody else) makes quickly but it takes me forever because I have to mull over my options, and then justify my guilt if what I want to do goes against what I think I should do. Do I clean the apartment before the weekend, or afterwards?

The reason why this is an issue for me is that I really am trying to get back into the routine that I had set out for myself a couple of years ago and up until recently have had the good discipline to maintain. However, I also really enjoy the fact that I get weekends off from work. I’ve grown to like the idea that I can take two days in a row to not do much of anything. So I would like to get all of the cleaning out of the way so I can sit around in a clean apartment and watch movies or catch up on my reading. But wouldn’t that get in the way of the more “serious” goals of the week?

As I have detailed before in another boring blog post, I’m not jogging until I can get the proper equipment for night jogging in this weather or join a gym. I won’t be able to do either thing financially for a few weeks at least. Also, I’ve been slacking off on guitar playing. I have other reasons going on there, although I do want to pick that up again, at least for a while. The other two things, writing and meditation, are what I have left. While I’ve also been bad about keeping up both activities, I don’t want to think that I’m giving myself an excuse not to do them.

Yet it doesn’t take me that long to clean this place. Even if it did, I suppose I could break up the cleaning throughout the week, during the times I would have spent jogging or practicing guitar. But I know me. Once I get started, I want to get the project done. On top of that, I want everything equally as clean all at once. So it would have to be done in one night.

In that case, I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if I did it during the week after all. Considering my already low output, what’s one more night? I don’t know if I want to wait until I need to do a load of laundry—if I’m going to scrub my shower I might as well clean the shower curtain. (I can put a white shower curtain in with a colored load, can’t I? Probably by this point I can put all of my laundry in together, as just about everything I have to wash so far this week has been washed several times over the years as it is).

It won’t be tonight as I hurt my elbow at work today. It’s a minor injury but it smarts just enough that it’s hard to bend for a while. It’s my right elbow and I’m right handed. I don’t think I want to try using it to scrub the toilet tonight.

People say I think too much about things.


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