I think I need new glasses. #glasses

I think I might need to get new glasses. My current pair is wearing out anyway—the coating on the bridge is coming apart, and scratching my nose. But my biggest concern now is that I think I need to get a change in prescription. More and more often lately I’m having to stare at something for a moment to get my eyes to focus in on what I’m reading. Once I get going I’m fine. So at first I thought I was just tired. But this is happening quite often these days.

I already knew that the last time I got my eyes tested the optometrist gave me a new prescription but didn’t insist that I got new glasses. The change was so slight that I could keep what I had. But now it’s getting worse. He did say that when I get to my forties I probably would need bifocals. I’m not surprised. My father has them. I think my mother did, too.

Have I been avoiding getting new glasses for this long because I have a difficult time facing the fact that I’m getting older? No, the change in prescription doesn’t mean a thing to me as far as that’s concerned. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a child, and getting stronger ones every few years isn’t anything new to me. I’m used to having weak eyes. No, the truth is that I’m cheap and there’s other things that I would rather spend my money on.

That’s a problem that I have. If I need to get something expensive, I resist because I keep thinking I can use that money towards something I want. Never mind that I have a steady income or good credit. So I put it off until I can’t stand it any longer. What I should do is just get what it is I need right away and get it over with. I can get over buyer’s remorse quickly enough. Why build up the stress beforehand?

Then again, I’m still not completely convinced that I need the new prescription, anyway. It could be that I’m tired a lot lately from a lot of work and a lack of sleep. That, and I’m not good at cleaning these. It could just be that I’m trying to focus my eyes through the debris that’s constantly in front of them.

Still, I need to change the frames at some point soon. I know that they’ll try to get me to get my eyes checked first while I’m at it. It’s been a few years. I never saw the need to go that often. But it wouldn’t hurt to see if that this is something else that I need to address. While I’m there I could also look into getting prescription sunglasses. I’ve been wanting those for years. I found a site that I could buy them cheap online but I didn’t like their return policy. I want to try them on before paying for them.

I’ll see what I can do by the end of the month. If I have to wait until January based on the expense, I will. For now, I’ll just start running into walls.


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