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Thursday, December 5 2015
Breaking New Grounds

5:15 p.m.

I don’t normally go out on Thursday nights but a friend of mine and her band are playing at the Press Room in Portsmouth tonight. They’re starting early enough that I can catch the first part of their performance anyway. I figured I would get a cheap dinner at Subway, spend some time writing at my favorite coffee shop for  awhile and then go to the bar where they’re playing.

Subway was closed for maintenance, so I had to go somewhere else. I still had “veggie burger” on my mind, but now that I was going to go to one of the locally-owned restaurants around here I decided to go somewhere that I knew was of at least medium quality. Of course, once I was there I saw a vegetarian dish on their menu that looked more appetizing… and more expensive. Between that and what they called an “experimental” beer (the restaurant is also a brewery) I ended up spending four times more money had I gone to Subway.

I figured I wasn’t going to go out this weekend so I didn’t fret over the expense. I decided that I’m going to try not “going out” for the next few weeks. My sister and I have still not successfully stopped holiday gift-giving in our immediate family. On top of that, the weekend right before my birthday Start Making Sense is playing two shows (Saturday in Boston and Sunday in Portland). They’re a Talking Heads cover band and they nail it—thereby becoming one of my favorite live bands. As my birthday falls on a Tuesday, I figured that I would treat myself the weekend before. I need to save money ahead of time.

The problem that I do have tonight is that I’m tired and sore in several places. I haven’t gotten that much sleep over the past few nights. I don’t know why I have such trouble going to sleep as I have a regular work schedule. Then again, that could be the problem. As I’ve said before, I believe the studies that indicate that we need seven to eight ours of sleep, but I’m not convinced that we need to sleep every sixteen hours. What if I need my eight hours with seventeen hours in between? This is giving me all the more incentive to get my writing career going so I can work from home.

Another problem may be that I’ve been breaking my pledge to not watch a back-lit screen an hour before going to bed. Other studies show that back-lit screens keep one awake. I couldn’t help it—I got addicted to watching Neil deGrasse Tyson videos online at night.

Speaking of which, I am now more convinced that life throughout the universe is highly possible. Tyson pointed out that we on Earth are made of the most abundant elements in the universe, sans Helium. However, I still say that the probability that such life is all happening at the same time is low.

I now face another problem with my plans tonight. My ass and lower back still hurt from my fall at work on Friday (November 22nd). Both the restaurant and coffee shop have wooden chairs. I also agitated it today at work with all of the physical work I was doing. In order to aspects of my new job I had to perform aspects of my old one and things didn’t go so well. not only did I make things worse with my existing injuries but I hurt myself higher up; I pulled something which resulted in a pain the back of my neck. I’m considering leaving early tomorrow. I couldn’t use any accrual time towards my regular overtimes, but I could live with that for one week. I’ll just have to see how I feel tomorrow.


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