Shut up with the damn questions. #polls #research #happywheels

I don’t mind when a flash game or video starts with an ad, generally. It can get annoying, especially when I’m watching a playlist of short videos (such as a list of music videos). But largely I ignore them as I understand why they are there. However, there’s one tactic that I can’t tolerate.

I was trying to distract myself from both having to write a blog post and the sad news of what’s happening in San Bernardino by playing one of my new favorite time-wasting online games, Happy Wheels. It always has something before the game loads, which as I said is fine. However, tonight a poll question popped up that I didn’t feel like answering. It wasn’t so much trying to find out my opinion as much as it was trying to find out if people knew about a particular cause relevant to upcoming elections. I didn’t want to be a statistic no matter what my answer was on this one. I couldn’t skip it, either. I tried refreshing the page hoping that some other sponsor message would come up. It didn’t.

As a result I didn’t bother playing the game tonight. I’m not upset by that fact as much as I am about the reason why. I shouldn’t be forced to take part in a poll of any kind that’s no connected to the activity that I wish to pursue. If I want to take part in their kind of research, market or otherwise, I’ll seek them out.

I don’t even know who the organization was that was asking the question. I’m not going back to find out. It doesn’t matter. I only bring up that point because I usually research who is using what of my information and why. It’s the same approach I take to charities. If I don’t know for sure who or what I’m giving my money to I’m hanging onto it until I find out more. Let me put it this way: if a company has to put a link to their privacy policy in their ad, I’m not interested.

As I got to this point in writing this blog I tried the game again to no avail. I’ll still play it. Even if the developer chooses who the sponsors are, I don’t hold it against him. As long as I can play it again at some point I’m fine. Like I said, I use the game to waste a lot of time. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t play it tonight as I started this blog post late anyway.


I’m not trying to avoid news about the shooting tonight altogether. Likewise I’m not writing about it so soon, either. I have nothing to add, nor can I understand anything yet. From what I have been able to gather, there’s very little information released to the public to go on at this point. Maybe I’ll write something tomorrow (or more likely, Friday, as I may not be able to publish a blog post until then). It seems like my anti-gun stance is becoming less and less controversial these days. But again, what would I have to offer to the subject that hasn’t been before?


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