Too busy yesterday, but at least I’m feeling better.

It looks like I already broke my renewed vow of writing a blog post every day as I skipped yesterday. I didn’t have much time. I slept in and was sluggish most of the morning—my back felt much better but I was tired and had a brutal headache that lasted all day. (The problem with cutting back on alcohol is that my tolerance is lower, so when I do get a pint and drink it quickly there are unpleasant consequences the next day.)

I then watched Mr. Holmes starring Sir Ian McKellen. When I watch new movies I shut everything else out so I can pay attention. That meant no new blog posts during the film yesterday. It would feel nonsensical to say that McKellen was good; that’s almost a given. I will say that it felt more like a vehicle for him than it did a Sherlock Holmes story. That’s not to say that the movie was poorly written. But I did was more conscious of who was playing Holmes than the character itself. It was also a bit sappy in places. Overall, however, it was pleasant to watch.

I then had some errands to do. I didn’t quite get all of the groceries Friday night that I needed. I decided to take a little drive while I was out. That was enjoyable but I lost track of time. I was going out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and had to get home. I did so in just enough time to take a shower before heading out.

In the process of hanging out with them last night I dropped my motorcycle off. It’s that time of year that I need to store it and I always do so in their garage. It seemed a shame as last few nights the temperature wasn’t bad for riding. It’s too cold in the morning when I got to work, though. The only chances I would get for riding are on the weekends, and that’s a crap shoot this time of year temperature-wise. Oh, well—he’s not taking the battery out for a while so I can still take my bike back if we have a nice day at some point.

We didn’t stay out too late but I didn’t feel like staying up and writing a blog post. Despite having a few drinks my headache didn’t go away. I got tired and just wanted to sleep. Considering how hard it normally is for me to do so, I took advantage of the opportunity.

I didn’t wake up with a headache today. I still need to rest my back (riding the bike last night did agitate it a bit) so aside from a few light chores around the apartment I don’t intend on doing much productive today. I may do what I wanted to do once a weekend and write a blog post with a specific exercise in mind than just “this is what my day” or “these are my thoughts on this.” I might not as I wrote this one. Does the practice matter when you’re “making up” for a day lost, or is too much in one day not good for practice?


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