I hurt my back.

I hurt my back at work today. I couldn’t report it officially as I injured it doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. I was climbing on top of a pallet of bagged bird seed to get at some clothing behind it. On my way back down my foot slipped against the side of the bird seed pallet and fell to my feet. It wasn’t far but I couldn’t keep my balance and fell backwards, landing on my tail bone. It isn’t the first time that I hit that part of my body onto concrete, and it wasn’t a terrible injury. Still, it was sore all day at work.

I had to carry on unloading the truck at the loading dock. In other words, I hurt myself doing a job that I’m not supposed to be doing any more, and I had to carry on doing it. I don’t blame the company or store management; I kept on doing the task on my own volition. Still, I shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place.

As I write this ear the end of the night my back is feeling better. From what I can tell in the mirror I can’t see any bruising. I don’t expect to seek medical attention for this. I’m glad that I don’t have to bother with such things generally but I also don’t want to have to claim anything. If I had to seek medical attention I couldn’t let it interfere with work without having to making an official claim with the company. Like I said, I hurt myself doing something that I shouldn’t have been doing. For that matter, it may have been caught on camera.

I also hate the hassle when I make such reports with the company. It takes time from the work—I was doing a job that wasn’t mine because we’re short-handed—and I don’t like the phone calls from home office asking how I’m doing. It’s just a lot of lost time. If I do have to take time off for this incident I’ll have to pay for it myself. For now, I’ll just relax for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “I hurt my back.

  1. Damn so it was just a injured filled day in that back room huh? It was 2:30am when Jeffrey ran my foot over. I kept working but left a hour early at 7am because I was in alot of pain from not only what happened but also being on it for the next 4 more hours. It is 1:21am and I am icing my foot again trying to do my best for my 8 hour shift tomorrow. At 4am though, I was pulling the half pallet of pretzels filled with peanut butter off of a pallet and told/showed Jeffrey that he should push from the other side but push the pallet not the wrapped stand of pretzels. As I started pulling again he went to push but not on the pallet he was pushing the top of the stand of pretzels. They slid off the pallet onto my head and jammed my neck back and that hurt also. I was walking around with pains in my neck when I would turn my head. What a wonderful 13 hour shift. Have a good weekend Mick and black that your OK.


  2. Sorry to ask this on here but I forgot to click the notify me boxes so I figured I’d add another comment that you probably don’t care about and has nothing to do with the post. When I clicked in on Thursday it said I had 13.3 hours I asked day about it he checked and he showed me that it said 13.3 holliday hours. Do you have any idea what that means is that a extra 13.3 hours because when I clicked back in from lunch at 3am it said something like 16-17 hours on Thursday and said 8 hours on Friday. Again sorry about this post but message me on Facebook if you have any idea of what that means. Thank you

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