Let’s hope I can cope at Thanksgiving dinner. #Thanksgiving

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portsmouth as I write this. The Internet connection isn’t that great here so I may have to publish this post when I get home. That won’t matter much to you, of course, other than this may show up a day late. I doubt I’m going to bother getting online tonight after I leave here. Likewise, I may not write a post tomorrow night as my family gets together for the whole day on Thanksgiving.

I’m fine with that. I can appreciate the diversion. However, I feel like I’m getting thrown into that meme that’s been going around lately about being surrounded by right-wing political discussion. I know what I believe, and I know that ain’t it. However, I’m unsure about keeping up. I want to avoid conflict. However, discussion has taken on a Christian conservative bent over the last few holidays. It’s getting to the point when I have to say something. I’m getting tired of my sister and I constantly rolling our eyes at each other.

However, I won’t initiate discussion on such topics. I usually try to keep things lighthearted. But it’s getting hard for me to not react. As it is, I’m sure the fact that I started wearing nail polish is going to create a stir among the older family members. If any of them question why I’m wearing it, I’ll just say that black goes with everything. Of course, as I wear a lot of black that joke wears thin. Whatever—it’s the only one I remember from Home Improvement that I actually liked.

My sister and I hadn’t coordinated our portion of the meal yet this year. We’re both vegetarians so we’re up to ourselves as far as the “protein” portion of the meal goes. Usually she’s the one that picks it up. I keep promising to buy her drinks or a meal sometime and I intend on fulfilling that promise. It’s not like I can’t afford picking up the food myself, especially after my promotion earlier this year. It’s just that I’m so used to her picking it up that I don’t even think about it until the last minute. I always tend to take home the leftovers of that part, too.

Speaking of food, I also dread grocery shopping this week. I normally go to Trader Joe’s on Friday. However, the local Trader Joe’s is in a mall and this Friday is the dreaded Black Friday. It’s impossible to get out of there and avoid the frozen food thawing. I may have to drive to a different grocery store across town that isn’t in such a hectic area. It’s bad enough that I work in that shopping district. Their food doesn’t cost that much more. I could go to the grocery store that’s right next to where I work but then I would really be paying out the ass.

There you go. I could talk about food. I probably will at some point. If need be, I can throw it, too. But I doubt it will come to that.


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