Where are my pants? #routine #exercise #writing #meditation #music #goals

I’m really trying to get back into my daily routine. Today I started to get ready for a jog only to discover that my sweatpants have gone missing. How the hell does that happen? Of course, I do need to clean out my closet. But I’m meticulous when it comes to what goes where. I do have two pairs of sweatpants that are really stretched out that I wear around the house but I can’t wear them out in public. Once I jog a few feet I’m afraid they’d fall down to my ankles. Aside from the embarrassment factor that wouldn’t be safe.

I also don’t have any reflective gear. This time of year it’s dark when I get home. When I started jogging I worked an earlier shift at work and didn’t have to think about it. Now it’s an issue. I used to be able to go down to the basement to use my father’s treadmill anyway when it got dark and cold. Unfortunately it stopped working. He said he might have to order parts for it but this was several months ago. I’m not going to push the issue because it isn’t mine and I also doubt he will be able to work on it himself. I would offer to do it myself but I have to wait on the parts. It’s a shame, though, as having access to a treadmill would mean not having to worry about the sweatpants, either. Maybe I should look into getting a gym membership.

As you can see, I’m also trying to get back into my old routine by writing something every day. I think part of why I got lazy with my primary writing projects is that I got lazy with this blog. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to cut down my blogging schedule. I might still go back to taking just one day off a week, but I still need to write something else that day as well. I think I might do a fun exercise on Saturday mornings. I’ll still probably publish the results here. It will just look different.

I also picked up my bass last night for the first time in a while. I discovered that I need to change the strings on all of my guitars, including the bass. That will get expensive. It’s a good thing the holidays are coming up.

However, there’s something I really need to think about when it comes to practicing music. I won’t bother with it here tonight as I could completely change my thoughts on it tomorrow and kill the subject altogether. But this portion of my old routine could change dramatically.

Finally, I need to meditate on a regular basis. I’ve been getting really stressed out at work lately. I know that when I meditated daily before I became a generally calmer person. High blood pressure runs in my family and I’m getting to the age when I need to start thinking of such things. Hopefully through exercise and meditation I’ll reduce the need for medication, or at least I’ll reduce the amount of medication I’ll need.

I cut down on my consumption of alcohol as well, which should help. I haven’t had a single beer since Saturday, which is a record for me since I broke sobriety years ago. I’m not cutting cold turkey again but I don’t see the need for a drink every day.

I suppose a good way to end such a blog post is with a list of goals. I’m not going to set a specific date for these things. I know, that’s a cardinal sin when it comes to setting goals. I might change my mind down the line but I’m trying to get things together before I put these things on top of them. I’ll just say that I want to achieve these things by the end of next year.

  • Produce a screenplay that I feel good enough about selling and try to do so.
  • Produce a new short story to self-publish on Amazon. With that, learn how to promote my online works better.
  • Finish the novel that I kept blathering on about earlier this year that tied in with Shadows of Immurement. Try to get it published.
  • Finish the first draft of the other novel that I was working on.
  • Make another Shadows of Immurement album.
  • Make another Popkin-Salvador album. This, of course, depends on whether or not the other member of the group is willing.
  • Finally try my hand at a romantic relationship. I put it that way only because I’m beginning to think that I’m not unlucky at romance nor am I too shy. It might just not be for me. But I want to know for sure. However, I don’t want to become involved with somebody merely as an experiment. I want to still make it a sincere attempt.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Take up archery.
  • Figure out how to transport my kayak with my car despite the fact that I don’t have a roof rack. (Or, get a roof rack.)

I’ll let you know by the end of next year how I do.


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