Can I replace Yoono? #socialmedia

The social aggregation software Yoono would be great if it actually worked. I had it on my previous computer for quite some time and enjoyed having both my Twitter and Facebook feeds off to one side of my screen, constantly updating themselves without me having to do anything. Now that I started up a new Google account* I could also hypothetically link Yoono to my YouTube account so I can get updates to my subscriptions. That right there would clean out three of the five tabs that I have Firefox open anytime I use it.

However, there doesn’t seem to have been any activity on the developer’s part in over a year. The only thing that I can use it now is for Twitter feeds. I’ll still use it for that as I much prefer Twitter on Yoono than in a regular web browser. I like the fact that it automatically updates the feed instead of me having to click a tap at the top saying “2 new tweets” or whatever. But I wanted my other feeds in there as well. Back when it worked on my old computer it was great. However, I can’t even sign into my Facebook account through Yoono. I have to use that program’s browser and it doesn’t support cookies. Facebook won’t let me log in without cookies. Provided that this is the only problem with getting my Facebook feeds, does anybody know a way around this?

I’m having a similar problem with YouTube, although it’s still letting me log in. For some reason it’s still not connecting to let me get my YouTube feed. I might try that one again. That one I’m not too worried about, though. If I can find some add-on to Firefox to let me know when updates are available, I’ll take it. I get the feeling that Firefox is a more secure program than Yoono.

I would also love to get my e-mail’s inbox in Yoono, but they never did get around to including that option. Again, there are other ways to get notifications for that.

Yes, I’m being lazy. But with everything else being so convenient, I don’t see why this isn’t possible. I’ll even settle for a news ticker going across the bottom of my screen. Unfortunately, either those programs are crap or when they are good, like WorldFlash, they cost money. Why can’t I have my Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and YouTube feeds all in one place so I don’t have to have so much clutter on my screen?

I’m not worried about the WordPress blogs that I subscribe to. While separating them would be a nice feature I get them in my e-mail anyway. I would also like to see if I couldn’t incorporate podcast feeds but it looks like I would still have to run iTunes to connect to my iPod anyway. I gave up to listening to Podcasts on my phone. It was convenient but it had its downsides as well.

If anybody has any suggestions as to what I can do for a Yoono replacement let me know. I would love to get a Firefox add-on that would do all of this but I haven’t found anything yet. I would prefer to have my web browser take up most of the screen with the feeds running off to the side.


Also, while we’re on the subject of software, it looks like the “Create a New Post” screen here on WordPress got updated again. That’s fine, but I can’t see my word count anymore. Does anybody know if there’s a way to re-activate that?

*I know, I had a bad past with them. But I bought an Android phone and had to sign up again if I wanted to do anything. I figured that if I was really worried about anybody watching me, I already failed in buying the phone. But my problems with Google weren’t what they did with the NSA. My problems had more to do with the fact that I downloaded a piece of their software and got a lot of files that I didn’t feel that I authorized to be crammed onto my computer. I just won’t download that program again.


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