Bought a new computer. #laptop #computers #sportsbra

I broke down and bought a new computer after all. I don’t know why I debated myself over the decision so much. I needed a new laptop and I have the money. I even started feeling like I was letting the other computer down. Supposing even if it was self-aware and had feelings, it’s not like I’m completely replacing it. As long as I keep it in one place the power cord stays plugged in. I don’t need to be able to type too much in the music recording software I use. So I intend on using it primarily for recording now. However, it’s losing its portability, which is the key feature of why I needed a laptop in the first place.

So I justified the purchase too myself, finally, and headed out to Best Buy on Wednesday. Only I didn’t buy the machine then. I remembered looking at the Best Buy shopping section of the AAA website—or perhaps the Best Buy website through AAA… whatever. Anyway, I remembered seeing cheaper prices than at the store. I thought that was due to the AAA discount that I get on certain items in the store. They didn’t honor the AAA discount at the store, so I figured I would have to go back home and order a new laptop online. Considering I was attaching emotions to my older laptop, that would have felt weird. But I didn’t need to worry. I was wrong about there being lower prices online. It turns out the lower prices were on cheaper computers. I don’t want to be seen with a Chromebook, let alone do I want to buy one. My android phone is enough.

I went back on Thursday in order to buy the computer and pick up groceries (my regular grocery store is in the same plaza). I went in and told the salesman that I wanted a particular computer on display. He was friendly but rather pushy. I did agree to get a computer that cost eighty bucks more. He convinced me what I already kind of knew—that the computer I was originally looking at was a cheap machine full of six-year-old hardware. I did make the mistake of telling him in the course of the conversation that I intended on using the laptop to write. He ended up pushing a year’s subscription to Microsoft Office on me.
I went back to my car to hide my new laptop, did my grocery shopping and then sat in my car agonizing over a new decision. I knew that I would never use Office. I never have. Even though Microsoft Works was the free word processor that Microsoft offered for years, I always preferred it to Word. It wasn’t just the cost that turned me off. I honestly preferred Works. I understand that Microsoft did away with Works but as I intend on getting Final Draft at some point anyway I didn’t see the need to pay the subscription fee. So I went back and “returned” the subscription. It didn’t help my already agitated state of mind that the young woman behind the service desk was having a hard time with her register. The return took long to process. But I finally managed to get out of there satisfied.
It turns out that Microsoft still includes WordPad, by the way. So far it suits my purposes just fine.
I have to say, though, that I’m not particularly fond of Windows 10. I can find my way around it but not as intuitively as I could with earlier versions. On the surface it looks like the same basic model that they’ve been using ever since Windows 95, only more sloppy. I’m sure I’ll get used to how it works but it looks like a mess. But that’s okay. I can still publish these blog posts at coffee shops. Somehow I get less distracted when I’m out than when I’m at home. I can’t afford to do so all of the time, but it helps from time to time to remove myself from my own distractions.

I know I’m straying from more topical posts these days but this next bit meanders so much from before that I have to separate it as a sort of “bonus” paragraph. I was in Goodwill earlier today. I wanted to look at men’s shirts in my size but I couldn’t get there because these two women were looking at costume dresses which are displayed right next to the men’s racks. Normally I would be fine with that and wait. I didn’t want to but in as I was only looking. However, as I walked by I looked up to see if I could see any shirt that caught my eye right off. Instead I saw that one of the women had taken her top off to try something on. I realize that she was wearing a sports bra and was technically covered, but I had to look away quickly and leave the store. Is it really that far of a walk to the dressing rooms?


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