Got it started. Now if I can just get back to it. #writing #screenwriting

This isn’t turning out to be a productive week. I’m having to cover the front end again, this time for the entire week. Trying to do my own job around that has been turning out to be incredibly stressful at times. As a result I left work angry on Monday, and bought a six-pack on my way home. I don’t drink as much as I used to, so downing four craft beers in a matter of hours was enough to make me tired and sick the next day. So, on Monday I spent my free time drinking and watching David Bowie videos on YouTube. On Tuesday I spent several hours recovering and couldn’t focus on anything.

Today my time got interrupted by having to drop off my car at the dealer’s garage again. I had to take it in a couple of weeks ago for something that could be due to a problem in either the front end or transmission. It wasn’t a terrible problem but it’s covered by my warranty. I figured I would get the problem fixed while I still have it. The first time all they did was reset the computer or something like that. Apparently Ford wants them to follow certain steps with these problems. If the transmission isn’t leaking, they try the thing with the computer and if that doesn’t work, I have to take the car back. They didn’t explain this to me last time.

As the problem got worse I made another appointment for tomorrow. I can’t take the car during working hours so I had to drop it off tonight. Hence cutting into my schedule with an annoying errand. By this point in the evening I’m creatively spent, so I don’t think I’ll even bother looking at my screenplay. I had a promising start last week. The screenplay is there. I started it. I didn’t expect to finish it right away but I wanted to be a lot further than now.

But you know what? I’m not going to kick myself over it. Instead of stressing myself out even more by not getting anything done, maybe I should take a “vacation” from my screenplay until I can work on it with greater attention next week. I have to go back and pick my car tomorrow. There’s also an event happening in Portsmouth that I might go to. I probably won’t have any time to work on the screenplay, then. And then there’s Friday. I never really get too productive on Fridays. However, it won’t be the end of my work week, as I have to go to work this Saturday morning (which is why I’m not getting my hopes up on writing on Saturday).

It may be a series of excuses but I’d rather not get myself worked up for not being able to get anything done. If I find the time, great. If not, then I’ll try to relax about it. I can always start next week.

That is, of course, if the eBible Fellowship is right and the world ends tonight. Then I suppose I won’t have to worry about selling a screenplay anyway.


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