More stuff to spend money on (if I had the energy). #tired #money #shopping

I’ve been avoiding any sort of real obligation the last couple of days, at least as far as creative pursuits were concerned. I knew I would be busy shopping on Friday night but I figured that I would at least get a blog post in before going to bed. However, I was so worn out from work that I couldn’t think straight once I got home. That’s not normally an issue now in my new position at work. However, very few other people at work (if any) know how to build the steel shelving units at work. They wanted to expand the toy section as the holiday are coming, so they had me work on it. I wasn’t alone once we started building but I was when I got the materials together. I could have had help but they were packed in a corner in the backroom and it would have been a case of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Once we did start making the wall I did have help but as the supervisor of the process I took on a lot of the heavy work myself. It was easier than explaining everything. Although I think that physically I was better suited for some of the tasks—not that I have a muscular prowess over my co-workers, but I am tall and have long limbs which helped.

After several hours of this I was beat. I still went and did my shopping. I should have taken the easy way out and drove from one mall to the next but they are right next door to each other. It felt like a waste to drive. I walked instead, which wore my tired legs out even more. Besides, I got a great parking spot for when I made my last stop at the grocery store… which should have been the only place that I went because I was only window-shopping everywhere else.

I’ve put together a bucket list of things that I know I’m going to need or want with the ever-so-specific time-frame of “soon.” I’m going to need a new laptop—which feels weird writing on the current one but it is falling apart. I don’t know how much longer the monitor is going to work. I know from experience that if a laptop monitor is salvageable, it’s cheaper just to buy a new machine. So, I’ll keep this one as a spare.

I also get the feeling that I’m going to need new glasses. As it is the side piece on mine don’t match. You wouldn’t know to look at me as you can only really see the detail of each when I turn my head. But the main reason I’m going to need new ones is that the plastic coating on the bridge is wearing off and the metal is rubbing against my nose. I’m allergic to metal which is why I needed plastic frames in the first place. I know there’s a website that sells glasses for cheap and I might be willing to give them a try in a pinch. However, they’re return policy is shit so I really need to make sure I’m not spending too much.

A new office chair wouldn’t go amiss, either. The one I have is fine but it isn’t very comfortable after a while.

Finally, I want a TV. That’s not high on the list as I have two now. But they’re both standard and take a lot of room (and probably electricity). It’s time I upgraded. However, I have accumulated quite a high credit card bill already. Like I said, the holidays are coming up. That’s not to mention that I just added two more big purchases on the card: I booked my flight out to Seattle for next July already, and I bought tickets to the Portland Pirates opening game. I don’t regret either purchase but I really need to watch my spending right now.

So, the only thing I had the energy for the last couple of days is looking at computers and TVs online. I normally don’t write on Saturdays unless something comes to me anyway, but I knew I wouldn’t have gotten anything done yesterday if I tried.


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