Woo-hoo, a customer complained about me. #retail #customerserviceRetail

A woman came to our store the other day and bought several jars of food. She came through my register and as I try to economize the plastic bags that we use, I put all of the jars in one bag. I may have double-bagged them. I’m not sure. Either way, she didn’t say anything about it. A few minutes later she came back into the store saying that I had put them in the bag so one of them was laying sideways on top of the others. I don’t remember if this was true or if that just happened in the course of moving the bag around (either from me to her, or as she carried her stuff out). The point is that she said all of this in a way that suggested that was why the jar had rolled out of her bag and broke on the parking lot.

Lest anybody becomes confused as to why her logic is bad let me pause my story here. She broke her jar. She held her bag in a way that caused it to fall out. She was at fault, not me.

She didn’t ask for reimbursement or another jar. I expected her to but she didn’t. Knowing that she was at fault, I wasn’t going to offer her one. As she didn’t ask I figured that despite what she said she knew that she didn’t deserve a free jar. Now, if she had come out and asked for one I would have let her take it. It would have been easier than dealing with an irate customer. But instead I acknowledged what she said and that I would send somebody out to clean up the mess. At that, she left.

She called today and spoke to the front-end supervisor on duty. The supervisor later told me that the woman had complained about me, saying that I was rude. She complained that I didn’t offer her a jar of curd and that I said something along the lines of “Okay, whatever.” I might have said “Okay” in acknowledgement of what she told me but I never take a “whatever” attitude with a customer. She kept the same line of how I bagged the merchandise, as if that still somehow made it my fault. The supervisor told her that if she wanted to come in we would give her another jar or reimbursement. At this point, it’s easier to give in than deal with her calling Customer Service at our home office.

Let me reiterate: she was at fault for breaking the jar, not me. People did this all the time at the convenience store I used to work at. I always used paper bags, people would grab the bags by the top, then the bottles of booze would drop out of the bottom onto the parking lot. They come back in complaining about our bags and expecting to get a free bottle of alcohol. Legally, we couldn’t give away alcohol. As far as customer service was concerned, we couldn’t point out their stupidity.

I doesn’t surprise me that since I changed positions and have to deal with the public more one of them would complain about me at some point. It just saddens me that the complaint was over something so minor. What really gets me was this happened on Monday. She waited two days to make her call. Was she really so pissed that she couldn’t call all day yesterday? Maybe she had a valid reason for not calling us but was she still really sitting on this anger this whole time?

I’m not upset nor have I been mulling over this all day. I just find it amusing. That, and this gave me enough material for a blog post that I didn’t have to really think of anything. I don’t hold anything against this woman. But I guess that doesn’t matter as she said she would only come into the store when I’m not covering the service desk. So hey, we didn’t lose a customer. She’s just avoiding me.

And I’m used to women avoiding me. But that’s a whole other blog post altogether.


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