Finishing up the outline for my new screenplay. #writing #screenwriting

I finished the outline to my screenplay (I think). After a break I’m going to go back and review it to make sure it’s right before I actually write the first draft. I have another issue now before I write the draft. I understand that certain movie studios won’t take scripts unless they’re written with certain software. What kind of software should I use? Are there better programs than others? Are there more affordable programs than others? From what I remember when I looked into this years ago, the software I need costs hundreds of dollars. If my screenplay sells I’ll make a return on my investment. Still, paying that much for software is problematic for me right now—especially as I know how to format my current word processor to meet my needs.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t use that word processor to start with. I know I can always translate the work from one program to another. The key now is to actually create the content. Hell, I don’t even know if this script is going to be any good. But the sooner I can get that software the better.

I also know I can do this research on my own. But I’m hoping that by calling out for help with this blog I might cut that research time down. I don’t expect answers but it doesn’t hurt to ask. I suppose I also need to figure out which studio I should try selling my screenplay to first would be. I think I need to get the latest Writer’s Market by the time I’m ready to try. Are there any other resources I should try?


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