Wearing clothes at home (or not). #fashion

Now that the weather is starting to cool off around here I’m faced with some serious questions. For example: do I actually start wearing clothes on my days off? No, really, this is something I actually debate with myself way too much. I keep getting hung up on the idea that if I wear clothing less often, I have less laundry to do throughout the week. When it’s hot there’s no question that I’ll just run around my apartment in gym shorts, with the option to throw on a t-shirt when I step outside for something. When it gets colder, it’s more involved. It’s just easier to dress in the morning and put up with it for the rest of the day. If I decide to run an errand or something, I’m ready to go.

This should be a no-brainer. It’s not that much laundry as we’re only talking about two extra days a week. If I only wear old, ripped jeans and a shirt that doesn’t fit right anymore, I probably won’t bother throwing them in the wash anyway. I don’t have to turn up the heat as much, either. Its included in the rent but I like to help my landlord in this when I can.

I grew up with family members going around fully dressed in the house, even when we didn’t have company. But I always took the attitude that when I’m alone at home and as long as I’m keeping my genitals covered—not that I ever piss myself but you know, things can happen—I don’t need to wear anything. It’s the freedom of not having strangers see you. Of course, if they’re strangers to me, what do I care if they see my hairy body? But that’s a topic for another time. (I might have covered it already but my self-body shame is a wealth of material, I should think.)

But it’s not like I find clothing uncomfortable. Like I just said, I have a hairy body, and clothing generally doesn’t feel as uncomfortable to me as it might if I shave everything. Plus, it’s less likely for hair to gather on the floor and rugs for me to clean up once in a while. No, wait, I said I’d cover that topic another time.

I write this, fully dressed, sitting on my couch at home alone. I might have to go somewhere later so in this case it’s alright to be prepared. Besides, I went out earlier so I saw no need to undress. But what about tomorrow? Aside from the possibility that it’s going to be warmer, should I dress myself in the morning? Or should I just bum it all day? I suppose it depends on my mood then but the question still lingers in my mind. I should try resolving this for myself so I don’t burden myself with irksome questions all the time. For one way or another, this could be a rule that I have to force upon myself.WEar


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