Staying in or heading out on a day like this. #weather

I get up this morning with a dilemma. I had intended, as I usually do, to stay at home all weekend. I don’t have any fun money this weekend, which means no shopping and no long trips. Yet I didn’t anticipate the weather being this gorgeous when I woke up. I normally wouldn’t think much of heading outside for a while if it weren’t for the fact that I borrowed several items from the library that I planned on getting through this weekend. I could put off the DVDs until the evenings—I only got four movies, and I might not like them enough to finish them, anyway. But I also picked up a copy of Black Athena by Martin Bernal and that’s going to take a while. Do I really want to be cooped up in the apartment reading all day?

Normally, yes, but as I said it looks too beautiful outside this morning. I could sit out on the landing and read, but that gets boring after a while. I don’t know if I really want to take it to some public space and read it. I could walk to the closest beach, as its only a mile a way. But I don’t like how the sand ruins my clothes, and I know I would get too worried about the same happening to a library book. I like the beach, but not for reading. The same goes for taking the kayak out and reading on the water somewhere. That isn’t normally a consideration but the weather made me realize I only went out on it once this year.

There’s no parks within walking distance from my apartment. I have to run an errand this morning, so perhaps I can take the book with me. I’m sure I could swing a cup of coffee. But then I would feel the need to shower, shave and getting dressed in clothes nicer than I wanted to wear out today. I have this hang-up of trying to look nice if I’m going to be in certain settings. As I only needed to go out to get some toilet paper and a new toothbrush* I didn’t want to bother with all of that. This is my own mental problem but I don’t feel like resolving it today.

Ultimately I think the warmth of this apartment might drive me out for a little while. It gets stuffy in here on days like this. When I head out for that errand I’ll take the motorcycle. Chances are I’ll get the urge to ride more so I’ll take the long way around. Then again, knowing this ahead of time I might still succumb to cleaning up a bit before I go, because I’ll probably make a stop somewhere. Take all of this and factor in the time I’m going to debate with myself over it, and I won’t have time anymore to read the damn book.

*I could take George Carlin’s advice to use the same brush for both activities, but I think I’ll pass this time.


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