Writing myself into a corner. #writing

One of the reasons that I haven’t been as active on this blog lately (aside from laziness) is that I think I burnt myself out. The things I have strong feelings for, such as my political views and thoughts on atheism, yield less-than-passionate results when it comes to writing about them these days. I already wrote about these subjects in a more generalized manner. Instead of writing about specific stories and reacting to them, I got too broad. It was easier and less time-consuming than researching subjects and forming a specific view. I can justify that to myself—I try not to spend too much time working on each blog post. Again, this is only meant to be a writing exercise, not my primary work. Still, it feels like I wrote everything that I want to say already.

Like a painter who paints himself into a corner, I wrote myself into writer’s block. But, all a painter has to do is wait for the paint to dry so he can get onto the next job. All he did was give himself a momentary setback. I need to wait for my words to dry so I can… walk across them…. Okay, I’m dropping the metaphor (see why I need the practice?). My point remains that I can still recover from this and go back to updating this blog frequently.

No, I’m not announcing anything. I’m not shifting my style any more than it normally would over time. My progress is worth examining once in a while. I do want to focus more on current events, but I have to stop trying to think of something “edgy” to say. I should just be honest. If people take offense, then that’s their problem. If I get them to think, great. Actually, if I get any readers I’m happy. My life is back to the point where I’m more or less “caught up” with things that were distracting me from keeping up with my writing, this blog included. I don’t have any excuse now to not write every day.

While I’m on the subject of this blog, you’ll notice that I changed the look of it again. As I said, I’m not making any big changes in the writing. The new look has nothing to do with that. After I finally got a smart phone, I became more aware that my blog wasn’t reading well on such small screens. I already knew that when I chose the template that I’ve been using. But I recently realized that I was alienating a large amount of potential readers. Besides, even though I like the way the blog looked I got bored with it. That’s why I also changed my picture.

If I only made things worse, let me know. I write this blog for my own needs but I want others to be able to read it. One complaint that I had before was that the text was too hard to read. I didn’t bother doing anything about it because only one person made that complaint. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.


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