Finally, the problems with this tooth are over. #dentistry

I had my last two appointments with the dentist today regarding this root canal therapy. The first one in the morning dealt with putting a metal rod inside the tooth in place of a filling and then preparing my tooth for the crown (or cap, as some people call it). I have had problems with this tooth for far too long. The climax came a few months ago when the pain start hitting me at random times, including waking me up with excruciating pain. The resolution came in the form of medication and the past four dentist appointments.

If I’m going to think of the problems with this tooth, I suppose there is something of an epilogue. As the dentist checked the sides of the crown with floss he discovered that an old filling next to that tooth had worn out and may catch food and cause further decay. He wanted to redo the filling. As catching food between teeth may have started the chain of events leading to the severe pain in the tooth next to it, I didn’t argue about having this filling done. Besides, it’s a redo so he’s not charging me for it. He isn’t trying to cheat me out of money.

That’s a good thing, considering that with the crown today I maxed out my dental insurance for the year. As it is, I had to push back my next scheduled cleaning for that very reason. I rather would finish off the major work that I needed in lieu of cleaning. I’ll just try to be extra careful of my dental hygiene between now and then. For that matter, I really should anyway. I’m sick of having to go back to get all of this stuff done because I get too lazy to floss.

I am avoiding that lower left area of my teeth tonight when I do clean, however. He suggested that I avoid flossing around the crown for a while, as the cement might not have finished bonding yet.

It’s weird to think that between the two crowns I have all this cement in this mouth, as well as a metal rod. It’s like I have a construction site going on in there. It doesn’t help that after he put the rod in the tooth he had to grind it down to fit the crown over it, and there were sparks. I had to close my eyes for that one. It wasn’t that they were too bright—they had me put on a pair of dark protective glasses as he did. It was just unnerving to see sparks come out of my mouth. (Although, if I could do that on purpose, it would be pretty cool.)

I hope I’ll be able to stop writing about this tooth after this blog post. For one thing, it’s a topic that bores even me. I only do it because it’s an easy subject to reach my word count with after having put off writing all day. I primarily don’t want to have reason to write about this tooth. I’m done with having pain whenever eating, drinking or at one point even breathing cold air. I’d rather have the “pain” of paying off the credit card that I got primarily for this very reason.


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