What if Star Trek went steampunk? #startrek #steampunk

I always admire the aesthetic of steampunk, but I can never really get into. I remember a steampunk comic serialized in Heavy Metal a while back that I enjoyed. I can’t remember the name of it now and I’m too lazy to sift through old magazines to find out. Anyway, while I’m not the biggest steampunk fan I really do enjoy seeing other people’s renditions of familiar pop culture icons envisioned in such style. Broadly speaking, I’m always into people taking works of art or entertainment and changing it in one key stylistic way, such as productions of Shakespeare plays set in modern times or Pat Boone’s renditions of hard rock and heavy metal songs (I still much prefer his version of Panama to the original).

I was rather hoping that the steampunk version of Star Trek that’s been floating around in my head was an original idea. A quick search on the Internet proved other whiles. It’s not matter, as I don’t intend on producing fan art or making my own costumes for conventions. It’s really only to amuse myself. I figured I’d share—I’m having a lazy Sunday and I couldn’t muster up the energy to write anything relevant or intellectual. Maybe somebody would read this and get inspired to make something their own. Or I could just be fulfilling my word count requirements for a blog post. Either way, let’s have some fun with this.

My version of Steam Trek would start in the Next Generation era. I know, it wouldn’t make sense to start with that title. But I really want to throw in a “Data, the Mechanical Man” idea in there. I’ve always been a fan of “Next Gen” more so than the others, anyway. So we’d start with the Airship Enterprise-D. I wouldn’t make too many changes to most of the cast aside from Troi and Worf. Because I’m keeping the outer-space elements out of this, Troi would just really be intuitive about what people are really thinking. As far as Worf is concerned—I had the idea that Klingons this time around would be humans from a culture that values everything that the originals do (honor, war, etc.). The ones that we interact with the most would be big brutish types that wear helmets with ridges going down the middle—not much unlike the ones they wear in the most recent movie.

Alright, I mean exactly like the ones they wore in the most recent movie. But I thought of the idea before seeing it, damn it.

We would get stories in which the Airship Enterprise-D crew encounters the infamous magician and trickster Q;, the enemies from another land named the Romulans, who have the power to hide their own airships with mirrors; and the Borg. Yeah, I’m not quite sure how to make the Borg steampunk but that sounds like a fun experiment to try.

From there we move on to Deep Sea Nine, a mining station on the ocean floor that the Federation of Nations re-purposed to suit their needs as a research facility. When it is revealed that the cave next to Deep Sea Nine quickly leads to a faraway section of the ocean in which a whole civilization of undersea dwellers live, which is ruled mostly by the Changelings, masters of disguise and camouflage. I know it doesn’t sound steampunk necessarily but it can work.

Airship Voyager wouldn’t be hard to do. It could just crash in a faraway land and the crew converts it to a large land vehicle that they try to use to get back home with. At some point I suppose it would make sense to include the original series in this. And then we would have to include Enterprise in all of this…. Actually, on second thought, we don’t. I for one wouldn’t miss it.


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