How should I buy this book? #books #reading #harperlee #gosetawatchman

I’m trying not to skip to many days anymore, even though I’m already anticipating a profound lack of productivity from me this week. I know that tomorrow I’m likely not going to have time to write a blog post as I may just go against my cheap-ass nature and buy a book that hits the shelves tomorrow, It’s making quite a stir in my Twitter feed today, so I think I want to read the book tomorrow after work in order to hopefully get a blog post out of it on Wednesday. I don’t want to write what might be considered a full-fledged review; rather, I just want to jot down my reactions to it and the press it’s been receiving.

That is, if I think of anything to write about it. I’m sure I could, but at the same time I don’t want to force myself and write crap. If anything, it’s my way of trying to keep up with the times. If I don’t have anything to say tomorrow perhaps I can draw on the experience of reading the book at a later time. I don’t watch television and I still don’t feel like I’m getting the best out of the Internet, so reading the latest books is probably not the worst idea.

I shouldn’t justify spending money on a book, either. I could go cheap and get the Kindle version. It may be a trendy book but I’m not going to head out to a coffee shop after work to read it, where somebody could see me. Then again, should I? If I spend the little bit extra for either the hardcover or paperback versions (which, after all, don’t look that expensive in the first place), pay a little bit extra more for a cup of coffee and then hope that somebody sees what I’ll be reading. It could lead to some stimulating conversation that could be beneficial to my blog. However, it could also lead to me getting frustrated that everybody’s interrupting my reading. Plus, because of the problems with this tooth I can’t drink hot coffee right now. I could easily get around those problems (just let the coffee sit a while) but I have to consider these things.

Besides the cost, an advantage of getting the Kindle version is that I could download the book right when I wake up tomorrow morning and start reading it. This would only give me the little bit of time that I could read it in the morning and then on my lunch break at work. Then again, that time would be offset by the time it takes to drive to the bookstore and buy a copy there. It’s not like I’m in a race to finish the book before everybody else in America—or before I go to bed, for that matter. If I don’t finish it tomorrow, I don’t finish it tomorrow.

If I did buy a physical copy of the book, where do I go? There’s a chain book store near where I work which is easy to get to with their own parking lot. However, I usually prefer to buy locally when I can. There is a book store within walking distance of the coffee shop that I would go to, provided I can get a parking space. (Considering I’m taking the motorcycle tomorrow, that shouldn’t be a problem.) But as they’re a small store I worry that they might not have as many copies of the book, and I run the risk of them selling out before I get there. It’s a small risk, probably, but another thing I should consider.

I could also go to the library, but not if I wanted to read the book tomorrow, or even this week. I checked the online catalogue for all of the libraries in the state that participate in the inter-library loan, and there’s at least five times as many holds on the book as there are copies available. Any chance I have of reading the book tomorrow is through buying it. Again, by this point I’ve justified the cost to myself. I just have to figure out how to spend that cost.

You’ll notice that by this point that I haven’t mentioned the name of the book. It’s no big secret, nor did I care to make a big dramatic reveal at the end of the post. I’m referring to “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee. But as I was mulling over the above problems I realized that they don’t apply to just that one. I figured I’d write the post referring to “the book” and let it apply to a larger issue. The only specific problem with this one that I face is that I haven’t read “To Kill a Mockingbird” since high school. That’s the primary reason why I don’t want to think about any blog post about the new book as a full-on review. I want to be able to react to the new one soon after reading it but I’m not well-enough informed in order to properly critique it. I’ll just have to wait and see what I write about it, if I do.


3 thoughts on “How should I buy this book? #books #reading #harperlee #gosetawatchman

  1. Loved the rambly nature of this post – I’d say it’s worth getting the Kindle version. I’ve followed. I’m a writer myself, and usually post short stories and poetry on my blog, as well as updates on the novel I’m working on. Fantasy, Very dark and a bit of humour is what you’ll find. Check it out if you’ve got the time. Thanks 🙂

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