Why I don’t write about video games. #games #videogames

With all of the nerdy and fanboy qualities that I’ve displayed on this blog over time the one aspect of that culture that I haven’t tackled to heavily yet is that of video games. I may have mentioned them once or twice, not to mention that one blog post that I wrote in which I declared my love for Chrono Trigger (although, oddly enough, I haven’t gone back to play more of that game since I wrote that post). But I haven’t really written about them in a more general sense, nor have I even dedicated much time to write about any other game or game franchise. For one thing, I just don’t play them anymore. I hate to say that I “outgrew” them, as I don’t believe that for a minute. Still, I do feel a sense of guilt when playing sometimes—based on the idea that I should be doing something more productive with my time.

For another thing, I found that in recent years I am thoroughly entertained by what other people have to say about video games. There’s already a lot of that on the Internet. What could I contribute? I certainly don’t have any new tips or tricks to cover, as people have done that already. I don’t have a massive collection to draw material from, either. Plus, after watching quality shows online such as Game Theory, I don’t feel like I can compete.

Then again, I’m not trying to compete. I could do what so many other people have done and write a “top ten” list. Again, I don’t have a large collection to draw from, so I couldn’t make grand, sweeping statements like “The Ten Best Action Games” or “The Ten Best Game Soundtracks to Have Sex to.”

I could also just skip the whole idea altogether. You’ll notice that I’ve written this far without coming up with anything. I was hoping that by this point I would, but by the very fact that I hadn’t only proves my point that I don’t have any ideas for a video game topic. If I ever think of one, no matter how bland, I’ll write about it. I just want to say that I did. I find posts in which I whine about something that I can’t do annoying. On the other hand, it’s good to know what my limitations are.

To that end, that’s probably why I don’t have much material to write in regards to video games. There are very few games that I have actually beaten. I usually can make it to a high level but the game kicks my ass so many times that it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. I guess I’m just not really a gamer. But I still enjoy watching videos about games, though. I still appreciate the hard work that goes into making games, and if I can “cheat” by watching somebody else play them then I’ll do so. I know I’m not alone in thinking that this is a new form of entertainment: instead of watching athletes play a sport, some of us watch gamers play a video game. We just can’t all write about them.


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