Fine, I’ll sign up again. #internet

I caved in and signed up for a home Internet connection after all. I say “caved in” only because of the way I’ve been debating it over the last few days. At first glance it may look like desirability overruled common sense. In a way, it may have. All of my arguments against paying eighty dollars a month for a service that I wasn’t using enough to justify the cost still apply. So what changed my mind?

The truth is that I was spending far too much for what I was getting. Of course I already knew that. But the further truth is that I didn’t have to spend that much. That eighty dollars was for one of the highest speeds that Comcast provides—105 Mbps—which I don’t need. To be honest, I’m not even sure that any device I own can even handle those speeds. Then some further research online revealed to me that not only did I not need that much for what I was doing, but that the amount I needed could very well be the lowest package available.

From what I can tell, three Mbps is more than enough for what I need. At half the cost of what I was spending before, I certainly hope so. Even if it isn’t, the next tier up doesn’t cost much more. I can keep upgrading to what I think suits me best. If that doesn’t work, I can always cancel again. If the lowest speed possible is enough that I won’t notice a significant difference, then I’ll be happy that I reduced the cost by half. Even the upgrade to my cell phone service won’t feel like a waste. Between the new service and the upgrade to my phone, I’ll only be spending ten dollars more than my Internet bill alone from earlier this year.

I’m only kicking myself now because I didn’t think of this before. Because I cancelled a month or so ago and am restarting it, I have to pay another installation fee that is going to cost more than the monthly Internet bill. But in the end it’s worth it. It seems like that, for better or worse, there are certain lifestyle choices that no matter how hard I try to let go. Having quick access to the Internet at home is one of them.

Is that so bad? After all, it isn’t like I use it just for games or porn. Those are worthwhile diversions on occasion but I use it for more intellectual pursuits as well. I won’t bother listing those here. I hope they become apparent as time goes on. I’ll also have the benefit of using my home wi-fi connection with my cell phone. I’m tired of dropped phone calls just because I live a thirty second walk away from 4G reception.

Then there’s the problem of the Internet as distraction from working on my writing. It turns out that the Internet wasn’t really the problem there. It was me. I still find things to keep me from being productive. It turns out that I needed to cancel my home Internet connection to find that out.

The appointment to reconnect me to the Internet at home is on Friday, between four and six. It was the earliest that they could send somebody over. My father agreed to be here at four, seeing as that’s when I’m scheduled to get out of work. The only problem is that I was going to go to Portsmouth that evening for the fireworks—for some reason they always hold them on July third—and it would be better to find a parking space after I get out of work. Even getting into Portsmouth after six could be a problem, let alone finding a spot. I would have had to ask my father to stay at my apartment anyway if I had to make the appointment earlier. He did it for me before. I would hate to take advantage of him, but I’ll have to see if he would mind.

So this week will be the last that I update these blog posts on my phone, as far as I can tell. That probably won’t make much of a difference to my readers. Of course, now I really won’t have an excuse to be so lazy when it comes to blogging.


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