Cleaning out files… and memories. #nostalgia

There’s a reason that I haven’t gotten around to writing a blog post for the last couple of days. It isn’t anything to do with the screenplay plot I’ve started working out—more on that later—but to do with some cleaning up that I’ve been putting off for a while. Despite my routine throughout the work week I decided to start cleaning out my filing cabinets. I inherited a bad habit of my parents of keeping every little scrap of paper that has to do with financial information, regardless of how old it is and how unimportant it was even when I got it.

I ended up with two large stacks of paper: one to go directly to recycling and one that I want to have shredded. They may be old financial statements (power bills going all the way back to 2004 come to mind) and one that I want to get shredded. They may contain outdated information but they also have account numbers that somebody may still be able to use to steal my financial identity. This includes old college paperwork which includes my social security number. So I think the expense of a shredder would actually be worth my while. I don’t want to spend the money on one just yet. The milk crate they’re stashed in will do. But one of my two filing cabinets is a lot emptier now.

I didn’t get to the other one yet because of time. This is going to be a lengthy process. I think the second one is going to take a little longer. That one contains a lot of my old college coursework as well as some creative pieces, such as some older drafts of stories that I’m still working on. I’m not sure exactly if I’m going to use a filing cabinet for those or perhaps a binder instead. But that’s not the most difficult problem I face.

There’s really no reason for me to keep a lot of that old college coursework. I kept it for years, even the subjects that don’t pertain to anything that I want to do or even care to know. I kept convincing myself over the years that I could use some of that work towards something. If I ever get around to going for my Master’s (which I’m leaning towards not doing after all) some of that work just might come in handy. But for the most part it’s just taking of space that I could be using for the work I’m doing now.

I have no real reason to be sentimental about it. I keep going back to the feeling that it’s a part of my past which I still have memories of, and therefore it’s a part of me now. But there are objects that I have bad memories of that I had no problem over the years getting rid of. At any rate, how many food packages have I gotten rid of simply because I ate the food?

It’s one thing to keep actual work that I created, such as essays. However, I have no reason to hang on to syllabi or even quizzes that I wrote answers on. All that reminds me is how bad my handwriting can get when I’m rushing it. Overall, I want to purge a lot of this paperwork. I just have to get over some mental block that’s slowing me down.

As far as the screenplay plot: it is moving, albeit more slowly than I wanted to. I wanted to take the week to dedicate solely to working on it. However, as I had a guest over this weekend I had to push some chores off over the course of the next few days. I got carried away with the filing and lost track of time. But I do have a screenplay idea. I don’t have a full three-act story fleshed out yet, but I’m hitting some key points. I won’t delve into the subject now as its too soon. I will say that I felt a bit dismayed when I found out about a new movie that contains similar subject matter. But for one thing, the story idea that I had come up with isn’t the same, only some of the general subject matter. For another, if this screenplay ever gets turned into a movie, it will be too long for anybody to make the connection, if they were to do so in the first place. That’s another hurdle I had to get over. Now all I have to do is formulate the plot and dive write into writing a new screenplay.


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