I’m back. #writing #work

I got back from my week-long training session at another store. There isn’t much to say about the trips to or from there, as Derry, New Hampshire is only about an hour from Portsmouth, New Hampshire (aside from traffic). The world wasn’t much different. I spent time in a retail area just a little smaller than the one I work in. About twenty minutes away was a retail area larger than the one I work in. When I tried to stray from civilization there wasn’t much other than forest or suburbs.

The hotel stay was pleasant. It was one of the nicer rooms that I’ve stayed in in my life. That wouldn’t have mattered much, though, considering the company paid for my hotel stay. Judging by the hotel rates I figure it would have been cheaper for them to pay for my mileage instead, letting me commute to work each day. I wouldn’t have minded. Still, I’m not going to complain. I got a lot of reading done. However, I didn’t focus on any writing at all. I decided to hold off until I got back. Then I got lazy yesterday.

I’m obviously writing the blog again. Starting this week I’m going back to working on the two novels: the one I’m editing, and the one I started recently. I’m not sure I’m going about that. Should I alternate the days during which I work on each book? Would it be better to work on one for a little while and then work on the next, all in the same day? Wouldn’t that allow for each book to affect each other? Is that such a bad thing? I have much to consider. I think I’ll just experiment and see what works best.

(Also, don’t forget my latest short story, To Love a Ghost, is available on Amazon, as well as my first one, The Diary of Lost Suicides.)

Now that I’ve left myself for a week (well, longer than that, but never mind), I’m going to get back into my routine—yes, again. I hope my finger is feeling better now so I can practice guitar and bass again. If not, then I’ll go see a doctor. With my new position came a raise, plus all the overtime that I can get this time of year. I might have my foot checked as well, although that is largely feeling better over the past few months. Along the lines of health, I’m going to pick up the jogging again this week. I like to think that I’m going to cut back the alcohol as well—I think I’ve figured out how to drink without getting those migraines the following day—but that might have be more gradual. I intend on getting a small bottle of Asti this evening to go with dinner. That could become my biggest consumption of alcohol throughout the week from now on. I hope so. My Sunday evening spaghetti dinners haven’t been the same without Asti.

What else do I need to do? I need to do some work on my bike. I never did fix the wiring as well as I could have since I chopped it all with the bike seat. I need to get smaller connecters and a crimping tool to match. I think I’m going to retire the motorcycle stereo this year after my big trip to Canada next month. After that, we’ll see—I might be interested in trading the bike in for a newer, and perhaps larger, model next year. I haven’t decided yet.

One thing’s for sure: I’ve been neglecting this blog. It’s time to start whining again.


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