Register training/Blogging problems #retail #work #blogging

Today I began my register training at work. Even though cashier is an entry-level position, I still have to learn how to ring as part of my promotion. I’ll still have to cover the front-end supervisor’s breaks, which means I’ll be running the service desk as well as supervising the cashiers. Today I started training on register, while the rest of this week I’ll train to run the front—all in addition to running the freight flow in the morning. I believe that officially my position has changed but there’s a little bit of overlap in responsibilities this week. Next week, however, I’m taking the position fully and training full-time for it, followed by at least a week’s training at another store.

It’s been a few years since I’ve run register at a job. As receiver I never had to. Because I had the experience, however, all I had to really learn was the software. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy. Getting back into the swing of things in terms of handling people’s money is easy. It also struck me as to how easy it was to relearn the skill of putting on a persona when dealing with the public. It wasn’t that I was dishonest when dealing with people. It was more like I projected a different aspect of my personality than what I otherwise pull from when dealing with others.

What really got to me was how formulaic it is to interact with customers in a polite way. This is especially so in a larger store when we’re herding people through like sheep. (One could also say that those of us that work in retail are sheep in a way, although the common analogy is robots—are we robot sheep-herders?) When customers came into the convenience store I worked at, they would linger and have conversations with me. I usually didn’t like it when they did, but it did feel more “real.” So, if I have a problem with interacting with others, I could say that by interacting with more I’m really not having to interacting with them that much at all.

I want to again stress that I’m genuine in the way that I’m interacting with people. Even not being an asshole isn’t enough sometimes. If I was herded through a register line at a larger store I would like to still want the cashier to be honestly nice to me instead of just putting on a face. They might as well be an asshole and be done with it. I think I would rather deal with them that way. Nevertheless, I couldn’t bring myself to go in that direction. It probably wouldn’t be so good for business.


By the way, I’m still having difficulty in posting to this blog via my phone after all. It turns out that the word processing software I was using to save files to put on my phone is just a trial version. It’s also annoying that I can’t simply cut and paste text as easily as I could on a “regular” computer. I’m still trying to figure this out. However, the battery in my laptop doesn’t last very long these days. As it is I’m taking my laptop out later, so I was just going to post the way that I’m accustomed to, but I’m writing this ahead of time.

If anybody has any suggestions as to how to make this happen, I’m willing to read or hear them. Is it possible to use a Bluetooth-capable keyboard with my phone? Trying to tap out a blog post or use the voice recognition software is a pain. Otherwise I’d have to try to find software to use on my computer to save files and transfer them to my phone via a USB cable afterwards. I just can’t spend too much time looking for it before my computer dies.

And then I get out here and realize I forgot to bring the flash drive with all of the fiction that I’m working on at the moment. Maybe I will take the time after all to look for solutions to my blogging problem while I’m here. I finished the library book I was reading over the past couple days so I may forgo my ritual of reading before bed and work on some writing.


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