Getting back into the swing of things… only to find more problems. #jogging #guitar

It’s funny how getting back into the routine of things makes me realize how messed up I am. I don’t mean making mistakes when, say, practicing guitar. That’s to be expected. What I’m referring to is engaging in an activity that I used to take for granted only to discover that something is wrong with me. Not only is the problem hindering my progress in that activity but also a sign that I may have a larger issue at hand.

For example, a patio table fell over a few weeks ago at work, hitting the middle finger of my left hand on its way to the floor. It didn’t actually land on the finger and only caused a slight sprain—I didn’t feel at the time that it was worth filling out a form about. Over the next week or so my finger felt better anyway. But when I started practicing guitar again lately I noticed that not only did my finger hurt as I tried to play but the pain was making it nearly impossible to get through certain pieces. I am still able to use the finger in any other instance. It moves fine. It only hurts when I play guitar. That’s what bothers me. Am I going to have to put off practicing guitar for a while? Is there anything that I can do to make my finger feel better? Am I really going to have to go to the doctor over this? I almost wish I filled out that form after all.

The other big problem that I’m noticing is when I’m jogging. I haven’t jogged in months so right now I’m taking it easy as far as distance is concerned. Still, it doesn’t take very long for me to develop an excruciating stitch in my left side. I used to get that before but very occasionally. I seem to get it every time now. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with my posture. I tried adapting certain breathing techniques that a friend has recommended to no avail. I can’t think of anything wrong with my overall health. I drink as much alcohol as before, maybe even less. I have the same sleep schedule as before (although, admittedly, I could use more). I have noticed that my running shoes are wearing out. Could it be as something as simple as that? I’m hoping that the answer is even simpler: it’s just been a while since I jogged regularly.

I have noticed that when I’m meditating my sore back makes it hard to adopt a good sitting position. Then again, I already knew that I’ve been lifting things badly at work, hurting my back. The solution to that is already underway, though. I got the promotion I had put in for, which means that as soon as my background check goes through I’ll have a desk job again. If I remember correctly, the chair in that office is quite comfortable.

I’ll hold off on practicing guitar for another week, while I’ll keep jogging for the same amount of time. We’ll see what happens in both cases. Incidentally, I haven’t had any such problems with my writing. I haven’t really dropped out of the habit of that to start with. It’s hard to notice health problems when writing, anyway. I could make a “writer’s cramp” joke here but I think Garfield beat me to that one.


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