I finally entered the twenty-first century and got a phone. #smartphone #boringtopics

I knew that the day after whining about my new credit card not arriving in the mail, my new credit card arrived in the mail. My plan worked… yeah, that’s it. Anyway, one of the first things that I wanted to do with my new card was to buy a smart phone off of the Internet. I found a couple on my carrier’s website which I only would have had to pay three bucks a month. However, they looked very cheap. I decided to head over to my phone company’s nearest store to see if they had any pre-owned phones I could physically check out before deciding. They didn’t, however I settled for a new phone that would only be six. I then upgraded my plan so I can actually do what I want to do with it. It turns out because I have what the sales rep called a “grandfathered plan” I was able to get a better service for less than the new base plan through them would cost.

As I have said before, the reason I did this was with the intent of canceling my Internet connection at home. I’m giving it a few more days to make sure that the phone is doing what I want it to do. I’m also having second-thoughts about cancelling my home connection. I’ll still probably decide to do it, but as I’m only paying an extra sixteen bucks a month or so for the upgrades to my phone and plan, I wonder if cost would really be a deciding factor. Using my wireless router I’m able to take calls via wi-fi, which is a serious improvement from before. The Town of Kittery has yet to approve a new cell phone tower near where I live and my phone reception sucks. But even then I can still access the more basic functions that I got the thing for, such as e-mail and social media. It takes a little longer than when I’m where I can get 4G service, but it’s adequate.

I have a few notes regarding the phone. I went through my old phone’s contact list so I could set up a new list in my new phone. As I did I found myself leaving a few people out, mainly because I don’t talk to them on the phone anymore. If I talk to them at all, which is rare, I do so via Facebook. But is that really a method to decide who makes it into my contacts list or not? I feel like I’m burning bridges in a way, even though one could argue that happened a long time ago. I don’t dislike these people. I just don’t talk to them anymore.

Another thought I had regards the translation dictionary app that comes with my phone. I get one free dictionary, with the option to purchase more. Which one do I choose? I don’t travel much, so it would only really be for fun. I plan on going to Canada for my big bike ride this year, so I could justify getting the French dictionary that way. However, I’m going to a region that speaks English just as much as French, so I really don’t need it. I suppose I’ll pick that one, only because I wanted to learn French to start with. Still, I doubt I’ll learn much from it.

Finally, I have a quick anecdote. Before I upgraded my plan I blocked texts as they cost me extra. Now I get unlimited texts. I parked my car at a lot near downtown Portsmouth after getting the phone, sent a text message to a friend of mine to let him know that I could, then I got out of the car. I had distracted myself with the phone and therefore locked myself out of my car. At least I had my phone so I could call for help.

By the way, I know that this topic is boring. I promise not to write more about this. But I know some people like the slice-of-life topics, so I figured I’d slip them back into this blog from time to time.


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