I’m cancelling my Internet connection (again). #internet #savingmoney

I’m getting tired of paying eighty bucks a month for a home Internet connection when I spend most of that time simply staring at my computer screen trying to figure out what web site to waste my time on next. That’s not to say that I haven’t found some practical uses for the Internet: e-commerce such as selling items on eBay and e-books on Amazon, downloading podcasts, keeping myself up-to-date on current events and of course, blogging. Then there’s my connectivity to others via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. But I only spend a few minutes on e-mail and Facebook a day. (With Twitter it’s harder to judge; I keep it running on the side of my computer screen when I’m online but I only barely look at it once in a while.)

I can manage my e-commerce, podcasts and even blogging on a weekly basis. When I canceled my Internet connection before I spent nearly every day at a library, primarily because of this blog. But since then I’ve loosened up my blogging schedule. Even if I hadn’t, there’s no real need to publish a post every day just because I’ve written one. Would it really affect my stats any? Would that even matter? This blog is simply my writing practice. I only chose to put my writing journal online because that gave me an incentive to keep up with it. Publishing weekly is still publishing. Besides, I don’t have to limit my public wi-fi use to once a week. But I usually tend to go out for coffee on Saturday mornings anyway.

Podcasts and selling things online could also be managed in such a manner, but I might be able to handle them in the same way that I would keep the news and social media that I mentioned. I’m going to have to cave in and buy a smart phone.

Wait a minute—wouldn’t that cost just as much? If I’m not careful with my data usage, sure. Aside from that, however, I don’t need to buy the latest, most expensive model of smart phone. I’d be fine with say, an iPhone 5 or even 4 rather than the 6. The same goes for Android devices (although I’m still hesitant to buy something associated with Google, even if that operating system exists on cheaper phones than those made by Apple). I’m still comparison shopping for phones as I write this, but I don’t intend on spending much. As long as I can get my social media and news feeds, I’ll be satisfied. If I can get the other options, even more so.

I could switch back to the Netflix DVD plan, or cancel it altogether. I’m spending this weekend going through as many movies on my list as I can. Then I’ll see what’s available through the library. Yes, Netflix has an enormous selection of DVDs, and I’ve had bad experiences with library DVDs not working properly. But as I’ve already cycled through most of the movies that I really want to see in my life, I’m not going to spend too much time worrying about it.

So, this blog won’t really be affected by this decision. Besides, since my Internet bill went up a few months ago I’ve had a hard time making ends meet. Even if I do get this promotion at work, the reasons for canceling my Internet would still apply. There’s just no reason to hang onto it.


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