Up before my neighbor again. #mornings #netflix

Again, I find myself waking up before my neighbor downstairs. I have laundry to do but I don’t dare until I start hearing noises from below. I did get up just a little to late to go out and find a good spot to watch the sunrise. I can’t really see it from my landing as the house next door is in the way. I would love to get up early enough to drive up to Mount Agamenticus in York for it. We never seem to get clear skies at sunrise on the weekends lately. Today we did but I missed it. I’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future. But it’s getting annoying how every chance I get there’s one condition that throws my plans off.

I spent most of the morning so far sitting in bed staring at my computer screen. I can’t even think of what to view on the web anymore. I suppose that I could watch a movie or two on Netflix while I’m here. That’s my problem with Netflix. I keep adding things to my list but when I finally have time to watch any of them, I’m not in the mood to watch a movie. So I just keep building what I think is a really cool list. I even get proud of my list. It shows how cultured I aspire to be. Then the month changes and three or four items get removed.

Maybe I’ll throw something on while I’m doing laundry later, whenever that will be. However, that can be a problem as well. I’m one of those people who, when I’m watching a movie for the first time, I have to sit there and take in every detail. Future viewings, if there are any, can be relegated to the background. Maybe that has to do with when I turn on Netflix I tend to watch something I’ve already seen before. I know I’m going to go around the apartment doing stuff.

It’s not even nice enough to go outside. It looks it but it’s still too cold to go to the beach. I wouldn’t mind going for a drive but I don’t want to waste the gas. Besides, even though I’m trying to think of something to do, it’s really because I’m trying to narrow down what I want to do. I have a library book to finish. I have some insurance paperwork I need to go over and hand back to work soon. I could work on editing this short story that I want to put online. (It’s going to be later than I had anticipated, by the way, due to the computer problems I had earlier this month.)

I could also just simply keep on doing nothing. Okay, I really should get to that insurance paperwork. But that really won’t take that long. Despite the thick ream of paper outlining my benefits I think I only have one quick form to fill out. After that, though, why not slack off? I have the whole day. Why do I feel like I want to get everything done and out-of-the-way first, to be followed by watching movies all afternoon into the evening?

Oh, yeah, I have to go back to my shit job tomorrow. That might have something to do with it.


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