Some thoughts on changing my name. #name #identity

I’ve been thinking about changing my name. I’m tired of “Michael David.” Not only is that one of the most boring and common names one could have I just don’t think it really suits me. Most importantly, they’re both religious names. Teachings about the Archangel Michael vary, but from what I gather he’s known as a leader of angels, at one point fighting Satan. Personally, I’d rather promote Satanism (of the LaVeyan variety, that is) than any of the Abrahamic religions. Considering how public I am about my atheism, it doesn’t seem right that I carry that name. That holds for both this blog as well as releasing music under the Shadows of Immurement band name.

The same goes for “David,” although with that name I have the additional issue of not really using it to start with. There doesn’t seem to be any point in hanging onto it.

So if I’m only concerned with my name in regards to things that I release to the public, why do I not adopt a pseudonym? Why bother with the process of legally changing my name, which would affect everything? The thought has crossed my mind. When I was a kid making homemade recordings with other musician friends I have toyed around with “stage” names, despite not releasing anything to the public.

Once I started blogging, however, I went ahead and used my real name. At this point for me to use a pseudonym would be pointless. It wouldn’t mask my identity, if that’s what I wanted, nor would anybody seriously use it. At this point I would have to legally change my name in regards to everything to ensure that people will use it.

Speaking about taking me seriously, that’s the main reason that I would probably keep my last name. I wouldn’t use it in public. I would only use it on legal documents. I don’t know, it would just feel more “official” that way. I’m not interested in heritage so much, especially as I’m not going to have children. I do know that it would probably offend relatives, so I would make that compromise. Besides, whereas the first two names bother me with their religious origins, the older English version of “Marsh Town” doesn’t offend me at all. It’s quite boring, but inoffensive.

How do I choose a new name? I don’t want to use pre-existing names or words. The whole point is that I don’t want to connect myself with something else. I want to make up a new word that might suit me. How would I do that? Even if I decided om something, my taste changes all the time. Should I keep changing my name as well? Is there anybody out there that can specialize in putting together sounds that would suit me? I suppose I could track down a Star Trek writer or two. They seem good at that.

In spite of all of this I still have the position that I don’t really place that much emphasis on names. As I have said before, I am not “Michael David Marston.” My name is. I am separate from the label I use to go about society. I don’t think about my name when it comes to my identity. One could make such an argument for the family name, but I’ve already discussed that. So by the end of the day I’m probably not going to bother with any of this because I can’t bring myself to care that much. But it’s something I often think about.


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