Finding more distractions getting my computer up to speed. #ebay #motorcycle

Sunday, April 12, a coffee shop in Kittery

When I said the other day that I would still write blog posts that I would update later, I didn’t realize that life would get in the way as well. When I wasn’t trying to get my computer up to speed so I can at least blog again, I decided to take care of other things. In particular, I got the motorcycle out of storage, got some work done on it at a local garage and then changed the oil myself this morning. That right there ate up more time than I cared to deal with. But it’s done and ready to go for the season.

I also sold more video games on eBay today, which took more time than it should have as well. It turns out that one of the games I sold had a slightly incorrect product description, although the error was clearly evident in the pictures. I hope that the person who won saw the difference and bid on it anyway. Still, I sent him an e-mail making sure he still wanted to go through with the sale, anyway.

It’s not even something that affects the gameplay in any way. The only difference is a marking on the label. What happened was that when I made the listing I typed in the UPC on the back of the case and went with the description was for the “Player’s Choice” version of the game. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the packaging. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the mistake until somebody sent me a message about it five minutes before the auction ended.

I printed the shipping label but I didn’t send the game yet. I sent the winner a message to make sure he knew what he was getting first. I would much rather refund the sale than get negative feedback for sending the wrong thing. AS I sit in a coffee shop across town now I have no idea if he responded to my e-mail. Hopefully, the lack of the “Player’s Choice” label doesn’t affect the value of the game. It’s only a few years old, anyway. If anything, I would think that the fact that it’s an earlier release would make it more collectible.

Update from earlier draft: He replied that he didn’t care about the specific release. He only wanted a game. That was a release, because at sixty-one dollars that was the game I got the most money for.

The whole kerfuffle with the video game didn’t take that long, but I provide it as an example of the many things I’ve had to deal with over the past few days. Besides, it boosted my word count more than the bits about the bike did. As I get my computer problems settled I hope my life does as well. Maybe my computer affects my life more than I thought—if anything, it provides a distraction.


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