I actually felt positive today.

I had a bizarrely good day. I don’t mean that anything about it was strange in the overall human experience. But it is strange for me to feel so positive for most of one day. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I took up meditation on a semi-regular basis again. That usually does reduce my stress. But even then, I don’t normally feel good about how a day goes. The best I get is that a day doesn’t feel bad.

My good fortune started when that video game I put on eBay sold this morning for more than twice of what I sold it. I had it all packed up and ready to go on my way to work. I then changed my mind when I realized I forgot to check that payment had gone through, and I wasn’t so sure about postage. So I carried the game around with me until I got home. Still, it struck me as amusing that I made more money in that one moment in the morning than I would for the first three hours of my shift.

At work things went more swimmingly than they have in months. They finally hired two new employees in the early morning stock crew, both of which are already doing well. As a result I can actually do my own job for a change rather than help the others try to catch up with stocking the shelves. I still had a bit of stress when it came to how much of my own job that I had to do today, but I’d rather have that stress.

I went to the grocery store and had a low bill thanks to the fact that the family is getting together at my father’s for lunch on Sunday. I might still pick something up to take with me, I haven’t decided. I don’t want to sound stingy but usually after everybody else makes food there’s nothing left for me to prepare. Instead, I help with setting the table and cleanup afterwards.

I then went home and had a satisfying dinner. I then decided that because it was such a nice day out, I would walk to my local post office. It’s less than a mile away, so I saw no need to drive. On the way I did something that I normally never do: talk to my neighbors. Usually I have the attitude of “leave me alone, I’m busy.” Of course I never say that, but in my frustration I always think that way. This time I felt good about making some connections, no matter how small. The walk only took a few minutes, during which I got caught up on some podcasts.

It turned out that I did in fact owe eighteen cents on the postage. The postmaster gave me some tips on how to figure out my postage better next time. I’m still unsure of what to do, but I will admit that I was in a rush last time. That’s what I get for trying to post a listing before I headed off to work.

I walked across the street to the convenience store to buy a beer. Like I said, I had no desire to drive anywhere. If the restaurant behind it was open for the season I would have stopped in at the bar, but they don’t open until May. So I grabbed a bottle of beer to take home with me.

Normally, I don’t shop at that place anymore. I’ve heard bad stories about the guy who runs the place. He’s usually pretty good with customers but apparently he abuses people who use the public boat launch behind the store. According to him, because their tires have to cross three feet of his property in order to launch a boat, he has the right to charge them. This is all rumor but because of it my sister and brother-in-law, who own a sailboat, won’t do business with him. I guess the stories come from a trusted source.

Still, I didn’t feel like going anywhere else, I wanted a beer and most of all, I personally don’t have a problem with this guy. I went in and stared at the beer cooler, trying to decide. As I did he came up next to me to stock some beer from a flat that had been left on the floor. He usually is talkative so I normally don’t pay too much attention to what he said, but I caught on to the cue of “it sucks to get old.” I helped him by passing him the four packs of Guinness as he put them on the top shelf.

This is where it gets strange for me. I actually felt good about helping him. I know, that’s not strange. But it’s strange for me. I normally look at such things as an interruption and would get upset. Maybe I didn’t feel the crunch of time as it was Friday. Then again, maybe I don’t manage my time well throughout the rest of the week. Even with this little trip, I still managed to get as much done today as I usually do.

Afterwards I came home and poured my beer into a beer stein that I keep in the freezer. I took it and my classical guitar outside onto the landing. I practiced for a little while when the cat from next door decided to pay me a visit. It’s hard to practice with a cat trying to crawl on me for attention, so I focused on the cat. I had a decent practice, anyway.

Again, time didn’t mean as much to me as I spent much more time with this cat than I normally do. I usually pet it a little on my way into my apartment. Today I decided to hang out for a while. It seemed like the well-rounded thing to do. When I thought it sat down because it accepted that I stopped petting it, I picked up the guitar again. That didn’t seem to go over well. Finally I had to get inside anyway, so I left kitty out on the doorstep.

I spent a little while typing up changes to “The Gravedigger” via the notes I recently made on the manuscript. I’m a little concerned that I’m not changing enough. At least I’m getting this step of the process done. I got over halfway through before I decided to stop for the evening. I was feeling too energetic to concentrate. That’s an odd feeling—I usually feel the opposite.

I usually try not to write about my day too much anymore. I stopped doing that years ago when I deemed such blog posts as boring. I decided to write more “topical” posts instead. This time, however,  I realized that my day was the topic. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to repeat such positive feelings about the way things are going. But hey, to dwell on that matter would defeat the purpose.


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