I’m starting to sell stuff on eBay again. #ebay #videogames #kingoffighters

I put a video game on eBay today. I didn’t want to use this blog to make an announcement of that; I imagine I would get more people interested in it via the auction site itself than a blog post.I just wanted explore the topic a little today. However, I suppose that by the fact that I’m saying anything at all I’m advertising it so I’ll go ahead and put a link here in order to be done with it. Of course, the link won’t work after this Friday but hey, I’m a completest.

This isn’t my first time trying to sell something online. A few years ago I put a few G.I. Joe figures from the eighties online. Unfortunately, I mismanaged my finances and ended up losing money on the deal. I know that at least one buyer was very happy with the purchase as it helped him rebuild his collection from his own childhood. That’s great, but I had a hard time letting go of the few figures I sold that way. That’s what bothered me more than the lost funds. I had more sentimental value attached to them than I thought I did.

I’m not so worried about such things with this game, however. I only bought it a few years ago. Besides, judging by what the same title is going for elsewhere on eBay I’ll likely make enough money on this one game alone to make up for whatever sadness I may have. I hate that I have such attachment to things. That’s one reason why I chose this game rather than one of my guitars, for example. Sure, I could make more money on a guitar but they all mean something to me. At the same time, however, I wish I could get over that if I need the money.

Aside from my guilt at feeling so capitalistic I also realize that this makes me sound desperate for cash. I have had some problems lately but I can chalk that up to reckless spending, which is something I should be able to get better at. But mostly I’m also trying to save up for my big motorcycle ride later this year. I’m going to try to watch my spending between now and then. Nevertheless, every little bit helps. I set aside several games and DVDs to sell. I still like several of them but I’m just not using them anymore. The same goes for my comic book collection. Those are just sitting in boxes in the corner of my living room, not doing anything. Those are going to take a lot longer to sell. I not only have to take pictures of everything but, with comics especially, I have to gauge the condition of the merchandise I want to sell.

That’s why I wanted to start this weekend instead of a workday. I got an offer from eBay, though, that if I list an item by a certain time and it ends up selling, I get a coupon. I figured I had time to take pictures of one video game that I’m pretty sure I’m going to sell. I also just found out that a friend of mine is going to visit for the weekend, so I’ll have to postpone any other listings anyway.

My only real gripe with selling something this way is eBay’s method of calculating shipping costs. I remember that when I sold those toys years ago I was responsible for determining how much to charge. Now eBay supposedly calculates that for me. If I don’t have eBay automatically determine the cost I still have to select some sort of shipping method which will show up on the listing. If I do so and then try to set the price, eBay places a limit on what I’m supposed to ask for based on the shipping method I chose.

This system sounds like a reasonable idea, except I think that they’re using USPS shipping costs from twenty years ago. I won’t know for sure until I actually go to the post office to ship the game, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to cost me more than the three bucks that eBay says it will. That’s one of the reasons I picked this game first. Because it should go for a good amount of money, I’ll still make a profit while learning how much to charge for next time.


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