In the process of editing another short story. #editing #writing

Today I went to a coffee shop in town to work on editing “Gravedigger.” I get the feeling that I should have started with this one and published The Diary of Lost Suicides afterwards. It’s not that I think that I would have sold more copies right away. Given that I’m a “new” author and haven’t really promoted myself enough yet, I doubt that would matter. But I definitely think that “Gravedigger” is a better representation of my writing at this stage. I also think it’s just a better story.

I’m also noticing that I’m not as hard on myself as I’m editing the manuscript. It could just be that I’m missing mistakes due to the distractions of a coffee shop (especially one such distraction that sat down next to me while I was working). It could also be that the writing is stronger than Diary, and I don’t have as much to edit. Then again, maybe the last story was as good and I was too hard on myself. There’s a concern. I don’t really know how much editing a piece needs before it’s acceptable for publication. It may be possible to edit too much. As a result I might make the piece worse.

I probably should get more feedback from others before I publish something. I’m pretty confident about Diary (and I did in fact have a couple of people read it between earlier drafts). I would like some more feedback on “Gravedigger” before I go too much further with it. I remember I brought this up in an earlier post and a reader recommended that I try for a writer’s group. I might consider doing something like that. For somebody as socially awkward as myself it’s hard to meet new people so it’s a big step for me. But it might be a practical step to take.

I did make one change to how I’m editing this one. I’m not focusing so much on the verb “to be.” I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m keeping the concept of E-Prime in mind while editing. I’ve taken out a lot of instances of “to be” from Diary as well as the novel I’m working on. While that might work in a lot of places I wonder if it was really necessary. Obviously, I’m not so strict about it on my blog. Why kill myself over it when editing my fiction, when I don’t really agree with E-Prime to begin with?

I really dig this Kittery coffee shop that I’ve been going to. Despite the aforementioned distractions (and no, I wasn’t just referring to attractive women, that was just a joke), I’ve been quite productive there. I got through a lot of “Gravedigger” today. I’ve written song lyrics there. There’s just a more creative vibe that I get from that place than my usual haunts in Portsmouth. Portsmouth is starting to lose its appeal to me. It can be a fun place to go once in a while but I’m starting to get bored with it. Besides, the Kittery Foreside is easier for me to get to. I know that I’m trying to save money so I can go on that long motorcycle ride later in the year, but I may have found my new hangout.


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