Razor burn ruins my wardrobe. #style #vanity

It only takes one little thing for me to change my mind about my entire look when going out for an evening. I only gave myself a minimal washing-up this morning when I got ready for work and skipped shaving. Like every other day lately I’ve been going to work in attire more akin to “business casual” than what I usually do for that job. In other words, I shower and shave before work and put on a “dressier” shirt than the usual metal band tees that I wear when doing such a physical job. Why? I’m up for promotion and I may have to speak to the district manager at any given moment.

I had no reason to believe that she would be at our store today. Besides that, I worked a shorter shift than usual so I had less of a chance to speak with her if she did go there. Even if I did, skipping shaving wouldn’t have been the end of the world. I was also sluggish this morning as I went to bed late last night. I doubt I would have made it to work on time if I bothered to take a full shower and shave.

I’m heading out as soon as I publish this blog post. I got invited to go to a benefit concert in Portsmouth tonight. I didn’t get dirty at work today so I figured I would clean up lightly again and shave in front of the bathroom mirror as opposed to shaving in the shower. The problem is that by doing so I didn’t get my skin soaked enough with warm water. Instead I just got it kind of damp. As a result I hacked my neck. I didn’t even bother shaving the top of my head this time. It’s not severe, though. Once it heals it won’t look too bad.

But now I’m too self-conscious to put that nice shirt back on. In my mind my whole look would be ruined by my razor burn. If one element of me doesn’t look “nice,” then the rest of me wouldn’t. Wearing a collar would only call attention to my neck. So now I’m switching to a metal band t-shirt when I go out.

Mind you, I’m only changing the shirt. I’m still wearing blue jeans so I’m not going formal. I’m also not going anywhere that it matters. People are encouraged to go in costume to this show anyway (I’m not going that far). But I’ve grown accustomed in recent years to make at least some sort of effort to not go out on a Friday or Saturday night while “bumming it.”

What am I worried about—that the women won’t be interested? In my entire adult life I have not once tried to pick up a woman in a bar. Truth be told, I’m not really actively looking for a relationship right now. (I’m open to one but I’m not looking.) I’m also not trying to network professionally. So why do I care?

On a larger scale—do I really care in the first place?


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