Back from vacation.

Today I returned to work. I didn’t really mind so much except that co-workers kept asking me how my vacation was. I hate that question. Not only did it get annoying after a while it’s just a terrible question to ask somebody. It reminded me of the fact that I no longer was on vacation. I just gave the usual answer of “too short” as sort of a joke—although it’s true. Nine days off just wasn’t enough. I not only wanted the time to rest but to also remind myself that there is a life outside of that job.

I accomplished all that I intended to do during vacation, which amounted to very little. I finished the album and posted it online (a link to which you can find in my last post). I attended a few shows over the course of the week: the open-mic night at the Blue Mermaid in Portsmouth (no, I didn’t perform), a friend her band at a bar in Dover, and then the Cannibal Corpse/Behemoth/Aeon/Tribulation show in Boston.

I have little to say about any of the shows. I know nobody who performed at the open-mic so I can openly say that I didn’t really enjoy much of the music, although it was a fun night out anyway. I’ve reviewed my friend Andrea several times here before so I won’t bother there, either. The metal show on Friday night was as awesome as I expected it to be. I had hoped that Behemoth would have gone last but they didn’t. That turned out to be fine as my lower back started hurting from standing so long that I took a seat in the balcony during Cannibal Corpse. I’d rather stand for Behemoth.

I had a hard time finding the House of Blues. As I have said many times before, I hate driving in Boston. Take one wrong turn and it can take what feels like hours to get back into the right general area. I took the highway from the west side of the city and only guessed as to which exit to take. Of course, once I found the place I discovered that I would have said a hell of a lot of time coming from the other direction. But find it I did, and I even found a free parking space on the other side of Fenway Park—which, by the way, is a lot smaller in person that I thought it would be.

I spent most of my time during vacation lounging around, spending much of my days in either bed or on the sofa watching Netflix. I shrunk my list of movies and TV shows down quite a bit. The only things that come to mind are the last two Robocop movies and an odd little film called L’iceberg. The second Robocop carries over the dark messages and disturbing imagery from the first, although with a dark sense of humor, while the third turns the titular character into some sort of superhero. I highly recommend L’iceberg. It falls under the category of “comedy” but its humor doesn’t so much come from jokes but highly exaggerated elements of everyday life. It is a bit of a slow burn in places but there are some moments that are quite delightful.

Now that I’m back I’m trying to get myself into a sort of routine again, including blogging. I won’t describe what the routine is for two reasons. First, I don’t want to set myself up for something and then fail at it when I told everybody what I was going to do. Second, I’m not quite starting it fully yet anyway. I really want to finish typing up the changes I made for this draft of my novel. I have somebody waiting to look at it for me to give me feedback. She already proofread the first chapter for me and I’m very grateful. I’d hate to let her down. Besides, I have other writing projects that need tending to while I wait for her.


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