Nearly done with the new Shadows of Immurement album—cover and tracklisting revealed. #rpmchallenge

nowhere cover

Today I finished recording all of the tracks for the new Shadows of Immurement album, Dream of Nowhere. I still have a lot of production work to do, but I now feel confident that I’m done with everything else. The track titles are as follows:

1.Ghosts In The Machine
3.Where The Demons Dwell
5.We Are Crust
6.Dream Of Nowhere

If I did my calculations right, I just passed the minimum of thirty-five minutes. However, I won’t know for sure once I burn CDs. It’s possible that I’ll have to record one more track. However, the above six provide a pretty solid album. If I do make the time I’m quite pleased with it. It might turn out to have a lower production quality when it’s done. However, that only adds to the effect that I’m going for. I’m not really sure what genre one would classify this album under. I list my influences as bands from the 80s goth and cold wave scenes but there’s a little dark rock and dark ambient in there as well. So we’ll just categorize this album under “dark.”

Recording the vocals went more quickly as I thought they would. I didn’t realize just how much spoken vocals I had planned for this album until I started recording them. Don’t worry, you’ll get to suffer from my singing as well. I had intended for some shouting and even growling at some point, but I couldn’t quite manage it. I resorted to more desperate sounding shouts along the lines of Maniac’s spoken vocals from Mayhem’s Grand Declaration of War. No, the album still isn’t metal (although I did add an additional heavy guitar track to the title track) but those influences are in there. Of course, one of the tracks has my self-obligatory scream that I do for every RPM Challenge since Stare Into the Abyss a few years ago.

Every song on the album deals with facing death in some way, either on a personal level or something on a larger scale. I won’t delve into the details of each song now as I want people to hear it first. If there’s a demand I can revisit this topic later on.

I want to thank Mike Thornhill for help with the cover—both with editing the photo and the fact that it’s him in the distance there on top of a mountain near where I live. I’m glad I had something on my computer that fit the mood of the album, especially the title. It saves me from having to go out to take a new picture. Thankfully, there’s no RPM Challenge rule about the cover being completely new. I also want to thank my friends for encouragement along the way. I won’t name anybody as I risk leaving somebody out. I can’t even remember over the past month or so every single person I would include in that list anyway but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the goodwill.

That’s enough of the sappy stuff. I have to get back to cleaning up this depressing and creepy album of death.


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