Another album update. #rpmchallenge

All I have left to record in the new album now are vocals and one or two tracks which I wish to re-record. There is one track, tentatively titled “Kingdom,” which I may wish to add another guitar track. I know I need to redo the bass line in that one as the bass guitar was out of tune at the time. I’m finding that it’s not really possible to tune the bass with my guitar tuner like I thought it was. I used to tune the bass via pressing down on the twelfth fret as it would register as the corresponding open string on a guitar. However, it doesn’t tune the bass exactly. I started tuning the bass to the keyboard but even that is difficult when the keyboard has slight reverberation on it no matter what the voice.

I’m not quite where I want to be in the overall process at this point in the month. I wanted to finish all of the recording of the bass, guitar and keyboards this weekend so I can focus on vocals this week. Instead I concentrated on one song. Granted, the song is almost twelve minutes long and is more complicated than the rest. It was during the middle of recording this song I discovered the mistake with the bass. (Thankfully, I only have to redo the bass line for one other song because of this.) I had to take time out for some chores and as well as a few hours to shovel snow this morning. On top of all of that I did some slacking off.

Actually, I slacked off a bit too much this week. Now I’m going to have to pay for it. That’s not to say that I won’t get the album done on time. I’m taking a vacation next week so I’ll have plenty of time to work on it then without distraction. I was rather hoping that I could take the vacation to enjoy myself but it looks like I’ll have to use at least some of it for “make-up time.”

I still have to compose some of the lyrics. All of the songs have at least most of them but they need a little more. In one case I need to write a bridge while one needs a new half of a second verse. I wrote the lyrics for one song, “We Are Crust,” a while back but now I’m having a hard time finding the notebook. I remember the chorus but I don’t want to have to write the rest of it again—especially if I do find it and discover that the original lyrics were better. It has to be in this apartment somewhere. The problem is that I have notebooks all over the place.

Recording vocals is a challenge. I first have to make sure that the neighbor downstairs isn’t home. Fortunately he spends a lot of time in town throughout the day so I have several windows open for that. I still haven’t gotten the hang of working this tube amp a friend is loaning to me, nor am I good with keeping a steady volume when singing. I can sing reasonably well but I don’t practice enough. That can work to my advantage in some cases, given the nature of the music I make. An added sense of desperation doesn’t hurt.

I’m probably just being too hard on myself again. I really shouldn’t get too anxious It’s still early in the month.


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