A few odds and ends.

I know I’m behind a blog post right now. I’ve actually toyed with going back to a more regular schedule. I feel like the quality of this blog has diminished as a result of not posting nearly every day. I noticed more likes to blog posts more often than I used to get so maybe my writing hasn’t suffered. However, I have a hard time coming up with something to write about.

But even if I toy with the idea of going back to six days a week like I used to I still wasn’t going to get to write that make-up post today. I had to go to work today to make up for taking Monday off. I didn’t get home until an hour before my bedtime. As it is I’m staying up late in order to write this little blurb.

I’m debating whether or not I feel like staying up even further to clean the dishes from tonight’s dinner. Even though I didn’t have much time to eat I have a hard time straying from routine. So, instead of a simple thing that I could have stuck in the microwave I had a big spaghetti and veggie meatball meal. I knew that I usually get very hungry when I get home from work throughout the week. I didn’t have that problem today. I knew that I could take some time preparing the meal like I planned.

Of course by this point I’m about halfway to my usual minimum word-count so I could turn this into the day’s blog post after all. I suppose I could dispense with my usual idea of a topical blog post and write a more “journalistic” sort of entry like I did when I started blogging. I don’t have a lot to report. I’m still struggling through the revision process on the novel. I think my big problem there is focusing on the work more so than the work itself. Honestly, it isn’t that hard. I do have a confidence issue when it comes to whether or not I’m doing what I’m supposed to do correctly. But really, my attention strays during this part of the process.

I definitely want to get this next step done by the end of the month, though. I found out the RPM Challenge is indeed happening this year after all. I’m going to be working alone again this time. Granted, I’m already losing my overtime this week so I know that I’ll have at least an extra five hours a week to work on the album come February. Still, I want to try to make it sound better than the last one I did myself. I will work on a new Shadows of Immurement album. I already have some ideas in mind as well as some lyrics already written down on paper. Now I just need to record them and expand upon them.

I don’t feel so bad now that I slacked off so much yesterday. I had myself a little Batman marathon during the day and went out for dinner. I didn’t leave myself much time to write a blog post, not matter how crappy it might get. Then again, this crappy post didn’t take so long.


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