I’m guest d.j. on a local metal show tonight.

This might go out a little late, but as the saying goes….

Tonight I’m guest d.j. on Black Night Meditations, a metal show on a community radio station in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The  station is on the FM dial at 106.1 or you can listen online at wscafm.org. I imagine that most of my usual readers, should they be interested, would pick the latter option but I figured I’d be thorough. Speaking of which, if you miss the show live it will be posted as a podcast on blacknightmeditations.com. I’ll let you know when that drops. If you don’t feel like downloading a podcast you can still stream the show.

This time I focused primarily on metal that is both extreme and “weird,” for lack of a better term. I suppose most of it leans towards extreme but hopefully I’ll be able to sneak some crazy stuff in there as well. I’m writing this just as the show is starting so I don’t know how many of my selections I’ll get through. The host is giving me about half the show. To be on the safe side I programmed a playlist well beyond my time limit just in case. I’ll post the complete list later once I know what made it to air.

One thing that I kept in mind when programming tonight’s show was the types of music that I’ve been listening to lately. That sounds obvious but there’s a larger point. For years I tried to have the most comprehensive metal collection I possibly could have, trying to take everything in. My attitude was “if it’s metal, I’ll listen to it.” Now I’m noticing that I’m much more picky. Listening to more resulted in me listening to less. I can appreciate power metal and traditional metal but my tastes run more along the extremes of death and black metal and some thrash. Thrash metal is hit-or-miss. Gothic metal is as well but when it’s good I can get really into it. Moonspell, for example, is one of my favorite bands. They’re another band that I threw on my list that might not make it tonight. Trust me, do yourself a favor and pick up Alpha Noir/Omega White.

I’ve done this before but it’s been a few years. When my work schedule changed I could no longer hang out at the radio station on Tuesday nights. The show started after my bedtime. Fortunately it airs on Friday nights now. Sure, I still had to get up at three-thirty this morning and I’m tired going into the show. But it’s easier to stay up late and sleep in the next morning than to stay up late and only get two or three hours of sleep, followed by a rigorous work day.

By the way, just to continue the topic I’ve been stuck on all week—I did pick up the box set of the complete series of the Batman TV show from the sixties. Anybody who knows me won’t see me for a while.


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