I’m taking off a three-day birthday weekend.

You probably know by now that I’m not a big fan of “make-up” posts but I’m allowing myself two or three over the next few days. I was able to get Monday off in order to celebrate my birthday. As a result I decided to take a three-day birthday weekend. I can justify not writing a post on my actual birthday itself but I can’t let the weekend slide—that’s not to mention the longer post that I’m behind on for this last week. But I don’t certainly feel bad about it this time. I’m intentionally not bothering with writing all three posts this weekend. I’m only throwing this one up here so people don’t think that I fell off of the face of the Earth.

I’m spending most of today out and around. I figured that more would be happening on Saturday than Monday. At least there will be more businesses open and more people about. I was going to head up to Portland to check out a Greek restaurant that I wanted to try but I just can’t stretch my funds that far. However, I’m still going to eat out every meal today. As soon as I’m done with this post I’m going to head out to Portsmouth for breakfast, tool around downtown a while and then walk back over to downtown Kittery. There I’ll stop at one of my favorite pizza places for lunch and then hit the library. I know, that’s not an exciting birthday destination but a DVD I requested is in. Besides, it’s a nice morning for a walk.

The afternoon is up in the air at this point. I was planning on getting back in the car and do a little shopping but like I said, money is tight. I do need to head back home at some point anyway. Then I’ll get ready and head out to Portsmouth again. I know, it’s not the only town around here but it has the best downtown scene (although Kittery has been building up nicely in recent years). I fancy an espresso martini at one of my new favorite bars.

When I’m home tomorrow I’m going to have more or less a “normal” Sunday at home. I’m just not sure how much time I’m going to have to myself. My family is taking me out for lunch at a nearby Indian restaurant that I don’t go to often enough. I think I might head out again tomorrow night, if anything for the novelty of heading out on a Sunday night. But I will be spending time getting some chores done such as laundry and dishes. I want to be able to slack off as much as possible on Monday, which I have also dubbed “Mickmas.”

I’m giving myself a weekend of indulgence. I know that eating out all the time isn’t that healthful. I also intend on letting myself go when it comes to alcohol and maybe a little tobacco. After my birthday, however, I intend on returning to my usual, healthy self. I have no plans until February so I should be able to get through the stage of the drafting process that I’m on with my novel for the rest of January. Generally, I’m going to get back into my old routine. I may have to take it easy with the jogging, however. I think I’m already burning off enough calories at work. Maybe I should look into my diet while I’m at it.

Anyway, Merry Mickmas.l


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