A day trip to Portland; What band would I pay tribute to?

The following is a post that I wrote while up in Portland yesterday. I wrote it before I went to the show and discovered that the opening band, HmfO, and the headlining band, Start Making Sense, were in fact the same people. They would come out on stage and perform Hall and Oates songs, take a break, and come back out (with a change of clothing) to perform Talking Heads songs. I’m not going to write a full review but I will say that if you have a chance to check them out, do so.They are amazing.

I’m writing this blog post in a coffee shop in Portland, Maine. I spent most of my day so far driving around catching up on podcasts. I normally don’t go for drives anymore but I haven’t been up this way in a while. I try to keep road trips confined to motorcycle rides during the summer but I love the coastal areas of Maine in the winter. Light flurries have intermittently broken up a gray day, coating the woods and marshlands with a thin layer of snow. This makes for some of my favorite scenery to drive by despite the potentially dangerous road conditions.

I’m not in Portland merely for the atmosphere, however. Tonight I’m seeing a Talking Heads tribute band,
Start Making Sense. I figured I’d make a day of it. If it was a week day I’d make a point to go job hunting as well. I would love to live here. I heard the job market is rough, though. Anyway, I never got to see Talking Heads live—well, not all of them. I saw David Byrne perform up here a few years ago. He played some Talking Heads songs with his band. To be honest, I would be satisfied if he only played songs from his solo albums. (My biggest complaint at the time was that he only covered two of his own albums.) But I get that he has to please the audience.

I guess that means I’ve already seen the next best thing to a Talking Heads performance. Well, I suppose I could count concert footage—the band’s concert film Stop Making Sense should be required viewing for just about everybody. Does that make tonight the next-best-thing to the next-best-thing? I reserve judgement until I see them later. I’m just glad that such a tribute band exists.

The opening act is a Hall and Oates cover band. I could take or leave that one. Other than the song “One on One” I’ve never been a big hand. Note: they did play that one, to my delight.

If I were to put together a tribute band, who would I pay tribute to? David Byrne would be on my list. I think it would be fun to have a band that overs songs various metal artists. That would definitely help with learning how to play metal of my own. (Side note: I am going to go ahead with another Shadows of Immurement album for the next RPM Challenge, and I was thinking of trying to make it heavier than my previous efforts.) I could also learn my friends’ songs, invite them all to a show and say that “I’m covering you.”

I think that if I was to put together a cover band that pays tribute to only one artist I have to take into consideration the types of venues I’d be likely to play at such as local bars and coffee shops. In that case I think I’d go with KISS, trying to replicate their live show as closely as possible.

What, you didn’t think I’d play something appropriate for those venues, did you?


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