I need to get back to writing about harder topics.

I haven’t really been focusing a lot on issues in the world at large in this blog lately. When I switched to this essay style a few years ago I provided thoughts on a range of topics such as politics and religion. I’ve maintained the style since but I feel like the topics I’m choosing to cover are getting “soft.” My own lethargy is partly to blame, however I think I’m also getting timid in a way. Over the past year or so I’ve tried to expand my intake of news from a variety of sources. I’ve been paying more attention to the world outside my apartment even though I’ve also been spending more time within it. But the more I hear about a controversial topic the more I worry that I’m not getting the whole picture. Not only that, but soon after a news story appears a whole series of opinions immediately follows on the Internet. What can I offer that would be different or even just as good?

Of course, I know I shouldn’t think that way about this blog. As I’ve said time and time again, this blog is primarily writing practice. Or, put another way: instead of engaging in a conversation, I’m talking to myself to a mass audience. (Theoretically—I long ago stopped trying to check my stats on WordPress.) Who cares if I voice an opinion that’s been stated a dozen times over as long as I do so in my way? Who cares if I present it in a blog post that’s not up to my usual standard? Hell, I don’t try to make this blog the best writing that I have ever done. Why am I holding back?

If I’m concerned that I don’t know enough about a topic to write a “full” blog post, I could just resort to a short one. I did say that aside from my self-required three posts a week that reach at least five hundred words, I may throw something on here from time to time that might be shorter. I should use that rule for topics that I don’t have a lot to say about.

For example, one of the big stories going around is the one surrounding the Gamergate controversy. One of the reasons that I haven’t covered that here is because every time I try to read about the history of the issue my head spins. I don’t know why I have such a hard time following it. But okay, on a general level, I am a feminist, I hate misogyny and I abhor the treatment that people who speak out against Gamergate are receiving. Nobody should have to deal with such harassment over ideological issues. I do agree that women should be treated more equally in video games. But as far as any of the specifics of the issue are concerned, I can’t seem to get a handle on what’s going on. There’s too many sides as far as what’s actually happened and what group takes what stance. As I’m not a big gamer anyway I’m leaving this one alone for now.

That’s what I’m talking about. The above paragraph could have been a post on its own throughout the week. I need to start pumping more of those out. Who knows, maybe through the practice I’ll write those longer, “better” posts that I was worried about not making.


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