Watching T.V. on the mountain.

I’m writing this after my bedtime on a Sunday so I’m going to try to keep this one light. It’s not that I’m up late anyway. I got carried away watching season three of Babylon 5 today as well as taking a short trip to a local mountain that I put off some chores until late in the day. I didn’t get around to writing a blog post until now and I’m too tired to think of anything terribly involved or complicated.

The trip to the mountain didn’t go as well as I had hoped. It’s probably the last big weekend of the year for tourists to come watch the leaves change color so not only did I have to deal with slow tourist drivers on the way to the mountain, but it was packed. I could drive up to the summit and find a parking place okay, and it wasn’t like the crowds up there were physically getting in each other’s way. But I’m used to being up there with only two or three other small groups of people. I was hoping for some time alone with nature. Instead I got time spent around family trips. Yelling kids aren’t very good to have around when trying to have a peaceful walk through the woods.

I’m going to have an unusual writing schedule this week. I got invited to a movie screening in Portland, which means I’m going to skip working on the book that day. However, as the event starts at what would normally be my bedtime I’m taking Wednesday off. I’ll have plenty of time that day to work on the book. I’m almost tempted to take tomorrow off as well even though I don’t have to. I might take a notebook up to Portland with me but as I’m not sure when I’ll get there and what the parking situation will be like I don’t want to get my hopes up.

The real reason I want to take tomorrow of from writing is really a frivolous one. I’m borrowing that season of Babylon 5 from the library and I didn’t get through all of it this weekend. I was thinking of watching the rest of it tomorrow so I could return it to the library this week and justify to myself borrowing something else next weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that I won’t have time to have my usual movie marathon next week anyway. I’m taking my sister and brother-in-law to a hockey game on Saturday night for her birthday and the next day I’m going to do some more work for my father. I just can’t get the hang of being an introvert sometimes. Anyway, I might as well hold off on the rest of the show to watch it when I can next week.

Of course, I could have been obnoxious today with taking the laptop to the mountain and watching one of the discs while I was there. Unfortunately my laptop’s speakers aren’t very loud and I wouldn’t be able to annoy people with the sound. But the fact that I would be watching T.V. in order to commune with nature might still bother some people. I wonder how far I could take it. I probably couldn’t get away with taking a laptop, projector and portable screen in order to watch homemade crappy films. But I’m beginning to think that I’d like to try.


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