Brake problems on the bike.

Today was much warmer than usual for this time of year so I took the bike out for a spin. I haven’t ridden it at all in the last few weeks because of the problems that I’ve been having with the brakes. Actually, I don’t know if they have any problems or not. The rear brake pads have been squealing a lot recently but they’re working okay. I know that could just mean that there’s something caught in them, especially as it looks like there’s plenty of padding left. However, they are pretty cheap. Anybody who knows me probably wouldn’t be surprised that I got the cheapo pads that I found on Amazon as opposed to going to a bike shop and getting the kind that they recommend.

I really wouldn’t worry about it so much if my front brake pads didn’t start squealing as well. Again, they’re stopping the bike okay. But I don’t remember changing the front brake pads since I got the bike. My brother-in-law is more mechanically inclined than I am, so he helped me with changing the rear pads. The last time we tried to change the front ones as well and it looks like we would have to take the front week off in order to do so. Of all of the things that I’m willing to do on my motorcycle myself taking a wheel off isn’t one of them. So I would have to go to a mechanic in order to get it done.

It also turns out that there may be different pads for the front than there is for the back, and we may have put front pads on the back brakes. That could contribute to the squealing. However, I’m not sure about this. Nonetheless, I decided that I really should replace both sets of brake pads, which in of itself is going to cost a bit of money. Add to that the labor cost of taking it to a mechanic and I’m now spending beyond my means at the moment.

I was thinking of asking for new pads for my birthday and getting them put on at the beginning of the next riding season. I’ll try to change the front ones myself next time to make sure that we weren’t missing something before. Maybe we can put the pads on ourselves after all. My brother-in-law doesn’t charge anything. In the meantime the bike is still acceptable to ride. I can use it for the rest of this year at least. Like I said, it could just be dirt and I’m worrying about nothing. But with something like this I’d rather not find out the hard way.

At least I have a new car that I can take when I want to go somewhere. But it feels like such a waste to drive a car on perfect bike-riding weather. I suppose that I don’t drive enough that the mileage difference would matter, especially if the car is still new. I only fill it every other week anyway. But it doesn’t feel right. Making sure that my bike is safe is still a necessity even though I have another vehicle. I really have to stop being so cheap about it.


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