Trying to find a pair of shoes.

Why is it so damn hard for me to find new shoes? I need something in size twelve wide, and I prefer sneakers in all black so they go with just about everything that I have. They also need to be made of synthetic materials as I don’t wear leather. I need them to be durable enough to wear to work but cheap enough that I can afford them. But even when I remove the cost it feels like I’m having a hard enough time meeting my other criteria.

For years I would get this same type of shoe that did fit the above description at a store in the mall that specializes in cheap shoes. They usually cost around thirty bucks so I normally wouldn’t care if they got damaged a bit at work. The problem is that they kept wearing out every few months to the point when I couldn’t wear them anymore. I kept assuming that because I wore them to work that I was putting them through rigorous wear and that any pair that I wore would have the same problem. It wasn’t until I just went to that shoe store’s website and looked at reviews that I discovered that I wasn’t the only one with that problem. I guess I have to trust other pairs of shoes more.

Even before I looked up those reviews I did try an alternative, though. Last month I got a coupon in my e-mail from that company for a 25% off birthday deal (they got my birthday month wrong but I figured what the hell, I just won’t change my personal information with them and get the shoes now). I found a pair of steel-toed hikers on sale and with the coupon I got them cheap. I figured that would be great because not only would they be suitable for work but also protective enough that I could wear them when riding my motorcycle, at least for short distances.

They did turn out well. The only problem was that I got them in a “regular” width as they didn’t come in wide. I figured that I could get away with that as I wasn’t even completely sure I needed a wide, anyway. I should have checked. I wore the shoes for a couple of weeks despite the fact that they were hurting my feet. I was in denial based on the idea that I got a good deal on what otherwise were good shoes. Finally I gave in and for the time being I’m wearing my running shoes to work.

Running shoes aren’t such a bad idea at my job because I am walking throughout the store all the time and I naturally move quickly. But I don’t want to have just the one pair in case something does happen to them on the job. I want one pair for jogging and one pair for work. Besides, the pair that I have are white and silver which is fine as part of my jogging attire. But they don’t go with my usual black-on-black motif at work, nor do they go with any casual outfit that I would wear on the weekends. I tried going to the Saucony store where I bought them but they didn’t have anything in colors that I wanted.

As I keep looking around both in stores and online I’m having the hardest time finding anything that suits my needs. I did find some options on Amazon that look promising but without being able to try them on I’m not sure I dare risk it. At some point I’ll have to. It’s either that or not be so picky about the colors. It’s not that I mind having color on my shoes, but I want them to match what I wear the rest of the time. I don’t have the money to buy different pairs of shoes for different outfits.

For now, I can wear suits on the weekends with the pair of dress shoes I have. I could also wear my older work boots should I decide to take the motorcycle, in which case I wear jeans and a t-shirt anyway. Right now I’ll have to go with the former option as I’m having issues with the brakes on the bike and I’m not taking it on the road until I get that issue sorted out. At work I’ll have to put up with my white running shoes and hope that I don’t damage them before I go out jogging. If I really want to wait it out I could hold off and ask for new shoes for my real birthday in December.

It all seems so stupid when all I want is a pair of simple, black shoes that don’t hurt my feet.


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