Making noise in the morning.

Here I am, up at sunrise again on a Saturday morning and I don’t know how much noise I can make. I know that my neighbor downstairs is an early riser but I don’t think he gets up quite as early as I usually do. Even then, I don’t know how much noise would disturb him or if he would be disturbed at all. I only think about such things because I have a stack of DVDs from the library sitting on my coffee table waiting to be watched. I have all weekend but I want to start early. I still have another disc coming in the mail today from Netflix plus there’s a movie that I might catch on HBO at some point, possibly this evening.

On top of it all I don’t want to spend all of my weekend watching movies. It’s supposed to be nice out today and high tide is around two in the afternoon. I might take the kayak out for a little while. I’m assuming the guy downstairs will be up by that point. (In fact, when he’s up for the day he spends very little time home at all so noise isn’t really an issue anymore). I also have on loan from the library the first book of “My Struggle” by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I only managed to get halfway through it over the course of the last week. I’d like to finish it this weekend so I can return it and all of the DVDs all at once.

I guess I could read for a while, then, until I hear movement downstairs. He’s not very noisy either so I have to wait until I hear water moving through the pipes to show that he’s in the shower or something. I would like to head outside and read so I can check out the sunrise but’s a little chilly this morning which means I would have to bother to put on pants and b.from the point of view of my landing the sunrise comes up over my next-door neighbor’s house. It’s not exactly the prettiest of views to start with—and right now they’re repainting the place anyway. There’s a bridge nearby that I could walk to and view the sunrise over the creek. Again, I’d have to get dressed to go outside.

I’ve been describing myself lately as a recluse and I suppose in many ways I am. But considering how mentally active I am I find that it’s not as easy as holing myself up in a wall when I’m not at work. Honestly, this all stems from the fact that I have a new car that I have to make payments on, which prevents me from spending money by going out (which is one of the purposes of the car). It’s great that I’m able to justify to myself now the idea of staying home and catching up on movies, but it’s a pain sometimes in the summer. I discovered the other day when I got my motorcycle inspected that I only put about a thousand miles on it this year. I used to take joy rides all the time.

I don’t really wish to complain. I’m not suffering. I’m enjoying the seclusion and getting things done. I just wanted to note that I find it interesting how even in being a recluse there’s a lot of things that I need to think about in order to be one and keep myself entertained.


One of the things that I’m hoping to do today while binge-watching movies is to work on the cosmetic changes to this blog I mentioned earlier this week. I’ve also been thinking about what I said regarding the frequency of blog posts, and I’ll announce my decision when I unveil the new look. I’m not trying to build this up to much as I’m not thinking about a lot of big changes. But the changes that I want to make are long overdue and my goal is to make them later today.


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